American Eagle Pants Size Chart (All You Need to Know Is Here)

American Eagle Pant Size Chart for Men

American Eagle Pants Size Chart
This is the Size chart for Pants and Shorts


American Eagle Pants Size Chart
This is the size chart for the American Eagle Jeans for men

For the sake of reference and better understanding, I made provision for the pants and shorts size chart also and this is with the aim of defining the difference both pants and jeans share.

I believe this should help you make the right selection now whenever you decide to go shopping for the American eagle jeans, whether shorts or pants and jeans inclusive.

The American Eagle size charts for regular slim and straight jeans size chart can be used as a reference to both regular straight jeans and slim fitted jeans.

This means that you can use this size chart to order any kind of trousers that is under the American Eagle Collection.

American Eagle Pant Size Chart for Ladies

American Eagle Pants Size Chart
This is the American Eagle size chart for women

This size chart has the numeric and Alpha sizes of women’s Bottoms otherwise known as Jeans or pants as the case may be.

It is very easy to read and understand this particular size chart in the sense that the numbers are quite straightforward and expressive.

With regards to the US standard sizing Charts, we have the 00 which signifies 23 or 23.5 as the case may be.

Some of the numbers are carrying .5 which signifies half. This is because there are cases whereby the ordered jean might be half a size bigger.

What is my size if I wear size 4 in American Eagle Jeans?

Someone who wears a size 4 is assumed to have a waist of 26 ½ and then hips of 36 approximately.

This however is for women, and then there is a possibility that these inches may differ if the size chart is written in centimeters.

There is also a possibility that the sizing may differ according to the trousers cut which is completely normal as the differences are not going to be too much but adjustable.

Rare Cases!!

For men who wear a size 4, they are probably having a waist of 27 or 28 and this is measured in inches.

There is a high level of possibility that the sizing may differ if it is written in the form of centimeters as there are cases of every other store having standards for their size charts.

However, making reference to the original American Eagle size chart which is written in Inches, anyone wearing a size 4 is having a waist of 26/27/28.

I believe cases of Miss-Sizing should not be a problem since we now have the international size chart conversion to guide us, anyone can make reference to this chart to further understand his or her preferred size.

Is size 10 in American Eagle Jeans Medium?

Yes, a Size 10 is considered a medium in the American eagle size chart.

However, the medium has an extensive length of from 10 – 12. In some stores that sell the American Eagle jeans their medium might be written in the form of 11 M or 12 M.

Regardless, the same goes for 10. Infact, this is considered the international number for medium and it is no different from the American Eagle jeans.

It is also important to take note that some stores might completely replace 10,11 and 12 with just M on their Size chart.

Is there a size 14 Jeans in American Eagle Jeans?

Yes, there is a size 14 in the American Eagle jeans and you can easily get one in the stores and on their official website.

Basically anywhere their products are being sold would have the size 14 of the American eagle jeans.

The size 14 of the American Eagle jeans comes with a waist width of 33 in most cases and with reference to the official size chart of the American Eagle Jeans.

However, in some rare cases, this comes with a waist width of 34 ½, with reference to other stores which might prefer using their own size charts to refer customers.

The length of these trousers however varies and is according to the size charts of the store you are buying the trouser from.

Since I am making reference to the official size chart of the American Eagle jeans, the size 14 comes with a length of 42 and in some cases 42 ½.

The takeaway point is that regardless of what your trouser length is you can decide to reduce it and that is of course if the original length is too much for you and you wear a size 14 still.

Are American Eagle Jeans Smaller?

Yes, the American Eagle jeans run small so it is advisable to order a size up.

This is common with most jeans however, the reason for this is kind of understandable with the American Eagle jeans in play.

This is so because the American Eagle jeans have their sizing starting from 00 to 20 as of then. This sort of explains why the sizing may differ with other jeans and why you will have to be sized a bit up in order to make it a perfect fit.

Another reason why it is advisable to order a size up when dealing with jeans and not just the American Eagle jeans, in general, is that jeans are known to shrink with time.

Sometimes when you order your jeans they are bound to even come in shrunk form. It is advisable that you order a size up in order to have a comforting fit and should there be a case of shrinking then it won’t be that bad at all to the extent of you not being able to wear it.

Not all the American Eagle jeans have this problem of running small as some do come true to size with no complications.

What is size 24 in American Eagle Jeans?

Size 24 in the American Eagle jean is equivalent to size 0 also in the American Eagle jeans size chart.

The Size 24 signifies the waist measurement in the American Eagle jeans. Since the size chart starts from 00 which is equivalent to 23 and 23 ½, the 0 on the size chart is also referred to as 24 which is also the waist measurement.

The size 24 comes with a hip of 34 more or less and the inseam of this trouser is normally within the range of 30 and 35.

One thing about the American eagle jeans is that they always give enough allowance that allows for customizing the size and length especially when it comes to the discussion of length.

So regardless of what the length is, one thing is certain which is the fact that you can cut the length if it is too long for you to a length you prefer.


The American Eagle brand is a well-recognized brand all over the world. The brand makes much of its sales in the United States of America which is understandable considering the name of the brand.

This brand has managed to make sales in and out of the continent of its origin and the same brand has proven to be very good at what they do.

However, there have been cases of customers slamming this same brand over the issue of miss-sizing which happens to be a collective problem from the manufacturers to the sizing chart.

It is a fault of the manufacturers in the sense that probably the amount of Spandex used in manufacturing most of the American Eagle jeans makes them prone to shrink even greater than expected which will result in miss-fitting when a customer eventually makes and order.

It is also a fault of the size chart in the sense that most people do not know how to read and understand the numbers and fractions on the size chart of the American Eagle jeans.

I hope that this article will further clarify some of the mix-ups you might have had when going through the American Eagle size charts and also help you in making the right order when it comes to size.


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