10 Best American Eagle Maternity Clothes (In 2023)

Pregnant women need clothes that will be very comfortable on them. American Eagle, being a high quality brand of wears in America has great maternity clothes that you should get if you need them.

The styles that will be recommended here are very chic and stylish. Pregnant women deserve to look beautiful and fashionable while they are pregnant.

If you are looking for any style inspiration for your pregnant wife, sister or friend, then you are in the right place. Let’s check out these American Eagle maternity clothings that you can choose from. 

10 Great American Eagle Maternity Clothes Styles

1. Long Sleeve Shirt and Legging 

This photo is showing a pregnant woman in different kind of shirts on leggings. It is no more a norm where pregnant women wear clothes that are unattractive just because they are carrying a baby.

These clothings are American Eagle clothes and you can get them from their stores. With this dress pattern, a pregnant woman or nursing mother can go to anywhere she wants to go to.

A very important benefit here is comfort. You will stay very comfortable in this shirt without showing any form of discomfort, except the baby is trying to be excited. 

American Eagle clothes are not expensive and you can get this at a very affordable price. You do not need any other styling advice. Just go with this style and enjoy your maternity period.

You can wear this to a day or evening outing with your hubby and have everyone staring at your beautiful baby bump.

This is very fashionable and comfortable even while in the 3rd trimester of your maternity journey. You can shop for this American Eagle maternity shirt on their official website.

2. Flare Slim-Sleeve Top

I particularly admire this kind of tops that will not make your baby bump obvious even when it’s 5 months.

If you are thinking of looking cute at work without making your baby bump obvious yet, then this is the kind of maternity clothe you should buy.

This slim sleeve top is best for the summer season. Your baby bump is well covered and you are comfortable without having to sweat all day at work.

This top is very fitting on women with a sizable medium burst. You can comfortably wear it without the extra discomfort of wearing a bra. 

The flare style is not only to cover the baby bump, it is a very fashionable design that anyone can comfortably wear.

You can get this flare top in any other colours if you do not like this colour. Just as shown, you can wear the top with jean pants or with a skinny skirt, whichever makes you comfortable.

The top is fitting on women of all sizes and it is relaxing to wear. I will really recommend this to plus size pregnant women in their early maternity journey. You can get this for your wife or friend. They’ll need it.

3. American Eagle Sweatshirt and Hoodie

One of the very important things that pregnant women need is to stay warm and comfortable. At winter, this is the best maternity outfit to go in. Wearing a sweatshirt makes you look really cute and stylish.

This is really recommended to those pregnant women who still go out to work while on their maternity journey.

You do not want to be caught up with cold in the winter season. And so, this is the best wear to go with everywhere you find yourself. To further stay warm, you can add an American Eagle hoodie to that sweatshirt. 

You can wear this with jeans pants or skirts or leggings. This way, you will stay warm and beautiful.

If you work on the field, wear your sneakers with socks and you may not feel the harsh condition of the weather around you.

If your doctor has recommended you stay indoor or stay warm, this is the best outfit to achieve that. This sweatshirt is not very expensive.

You can get it at an affordable price in any of your favourite stores. Don’t forget that comfort is a priority while you are in the maternity period.

4. Long Sleeve Flowery Top

This is to show you that you can wear this cute top with your favorite jeans while you’re pregnant.

The beauty to this style is that, no one gets to see if the button of your jeans is fitting on your baby bump because this top will cover that beautifully.

If you are a jeans lover, this is a style inspiration you should go in with any pair of your jeans. This flowery top will set you aside in the crowd and until you are far into the maternity journey, a lot of people may not know unless you tell them. 

The rectangular neck style of this top is another thing I admire about it.

You must have noticed the design on the neck and the button closure in front. This design is available in many colours and you can check them out in the American Eagle stores to get the one you like.

The top is fitting on all women’s sizes and you only have to size right. The hand style is cute as well. The clothe is very affordable and you can get yours ASAP.

5. Neck Sleeve Short Dress

Have you all seen this cute dress? It’s so cute and chic. This is the kind of dress you should wear when you want to have one of those relaxing evening walk with hubby.

You will be so comfortable in this dress as a pregnant woman. You do not need to wear very long dresses because you are pregnant. You can dress in a short cute flare dress and still look descent and cute.

With the way the sleeve is on the neck, you wouldn’t need to wear a bra under this dress. You can take a walk in this dress feeling all good and comfortable. 

This is the kind of dress you should wear around your hubby when pregnant. No man wanna see you look old even in your maternity journey, you only have to make an effort to look chic and young.

That’s why I’m helping you with this cute style inspiration. This dress can comfortably fit into the first and second trimester, though, you may not be comfortable wearing it in your third trimester.

This American Eagle dress is affordable to get and it is stylish. You can go ahead to get one for yourself in any colour of your choice.

6. American Eagle Big T-shirt

You may not really need to find special maternity clothes to wear. A young pregnant woman in her twenties can rock this style.

A big t-shirt and shorts. With this American Eagle t-shirt, you can wear it in all the trimester of pregnancy until you eventually put to birth.

I am taking time to recommend cool styles that you can just style up while pregnant because I want you to look sweet while in the journey of bringing your cute baby to the world. You can wear this t-shirt to work, evening date or dinner. 

This t-shirt will cost less than $100 and that’s an affordable price to style up and look cute.

The quality of this t-shirt is a good one, that’s why I’m recommending it. You may decide to wear this with a long jean pant or even leggings, whichever one makes you comfortable.

Put on sneakers with it and you are good to go. You can get this in any of American Eagle stores.

7. Colourful Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This long sleeve shirt could easily pass as a sweatshirt. It is beautiful on plus size women and also cute on regular size pregnant women.

I repeatedly recommend big size shirts because that’s exactly what you need in your maternity period. You do not need to wear tight clothes while you are pregnant.

You won’t be comfortable and your baby or babies won’t be comfortable either. That is why you need wears that will give room for breathing. It is predicted that your jean waist size will not be the same at this period. So, you can expand it or get new ones. 

The goal is not to recommend big clothes for you, but fashionable ones suitable for the fashion of this time. So, this cute colourful Long sleeve shirt will not only make you and your baby comfortable, it will keep you warm.

This best goes with a pair of jeans or leggings. If you are more comfortable in skirts, then you can style this shirt with skirt.

Your sneakers will look so nice with this when you want to style it to work. It is affordable to buy as American Eagle clothings are not expensive. You can get it in any American Eagle stores nearest to you.

8. Plus Size Flare Top

I think that when it comes to clothes recommendations, plus size women get less attention.

That is why I have selected some plus size maternity clothes suitable for plus size pregnant women. And, this is one of them.

This top is cute and perfect for the first and second trimester of the pregnancy. It is also very fitting on women with plus size burst. With this top, the baby bump is not so obvious at first and your burst is well accommodated.

I like to recommend clothes that will keep people comfortable and this one is not an exception. 

You can get this American Eagle top in any other colour of your choice when you want to purchase. I actually think this white colour is really cute.

The flowery design in front of the top adds to the cute fashion of the top. You can style this with jean pants or skirts. This is very affordable to get and you can get this in any of the American Eagle stores near you, or you can simply order it online.

9. Button Closure Type Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt can basically be worn with any slim fit top or tank top. This recommendation is one of the clothings you must have in your wardrobe while you are pregnant.

The button closure can be opened to reveal the style of top worn. You need to stay warm and wearing long sleeve shirts alone might not do the work efficiently. And, you can’t always wear one style of clothe.

So, style this sweatshirt with your tops and your jeans or shirt and you will have yourself comfortable all through your maternity period. 

The big buttons attached to the sweatpants are really stylish. This American Eagle sweatshirt should be with you whenever you are outdoors in the winter season.

Believe me, you do need to stay warm while pregnant. You can wear this with jeans,. leggings or a dress. Wearing this on a dress will really look cute on your baby bump. This is affordable to buy and you can purchase this in any American Eagle stores near you.

10. Regular Dress and Long Sleeve Shirt

This should be your go-to everyday style while you are in your maternity period. For the times you do not want to dress up, you can easily and comfortable wear this American Eagle dress and shirt. You may want to wear this around the neighborhood or for shopping.

You can even wear it go work. This dress can comfortably accommodate your baby bump till the final trimester. So, you might want to have multiple of this dress in your closet.

Most of the other clothes I recommended are meant for dress up pattern, but this is just a freestyle dress down pattern.

You can decide to get this very American Eagle dress in any other colour and style it with your button shirt. By the time you wear this, you are guaranteed of comfort and flexibility all day.

You might wear sneakers with this dress to work. This style is very affordable to buy. You can get this in any American Eagle stores or you order it online. 


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