Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Which Is Better?

How does it feel like to see a yoga or sports enthusiast training in the studio or a gym wearing heavy jeans?

I’m certain that you also feel it looks weird.

The flexibility and motion that sports activities require makes thin pants or, most preferably, leggings mandatory for outstanding performance.

As a fitness fan, sports lover, or even a trainer, you might have been trying to understand which online store sells the best outfits for fitness between Alphalete and Buffbunny.

Truth is, both brands have excellent kits for sports on their various platforms, online and offline for Alphalate.

Over the years, they have built a good reputation online, and a huge following with outstanding reviews of good quality products.

In this article, you will get to know more about Alphalete and Buffbunny, two unique brands that sell luxurious and comfy leggings employing online marketing, sponsored ads, and influencer marketing.

Differences Between Alphalete and Buffbunny

In recent times, it is not enough to wear outfits for leisure or athletics when going to the gym, yoga studio, and even other sports training.

I realized that people now prefer to put on sports costumes that they feel much more comfortable in, which express their lifestyle with a touch of fashion.

This makes certain brands like Alphalete and BuffBunny popular.

Both brands are known for stylish fitness outfits which are active wear too, but the big question is; which is of better quality?

However, the functionality of both brands’ leggings varies slightly, since Buffbunny’s are used during more heavy actions.

Alphalete’s leggings are not necessarily squat-proof like Buffbunny’s.

When it comes to leggings with a standard fit that has a naked fit and adequately hugs your limbs without overly tightening them, Buffbunny’s are great, they have accommodating stitches for durability as well.

Alphalete’s are nice, but they fit too small, this makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, especially when you buy your exact size, and may not fit properly when you size up.

Buffbunny leggings are much more relaxed than Alphalete’s. Although they are thicker, they will hardly slip off your waist when you hop or run during fast movements.

In some cases, Alphalete leggings may slide off your waist, particularly when you try to get a bigger size since Alphalete’s usually smaller.

Alphalete leggings Review

Alphalete leggings Vs Buffbunny

Alphalete is a fitness brand that sells hyper-competitive costumes for fitness.

Christain Guzman, the face behind the brand commenced the signature as a YouTube coaching tutor and then a gym instructor.

As he teaches online, he advertised his fitness outfits and this brought more sales to his

business and then, he decided to open a gym.

A lot of sports enthusiasts love Alphalete leggings because they resonate with them.

The brand has a standard and unique style which inspires fitness and bodybuilding.

With time, the brand became popular for its standard quality and customized fabrics.

Since his online presence grew massively, his fans expanded both online and offline, then he launched his brand in 2015.

Most gym lovers and trainers love Alphalete’s outfits. For the brand, much more fame and sales are generated by paid influencers known as Alphalete’s athletes.

The brand sells nice-looking outfits and is very particular about customers gaining maximum satisfaction.

Also, their sponsored athletes model outfits of different shapes and sizes in the fitness line.

They make use of stretchy materials to increase performance.

They produce a couple of fitness outfits which include; joggers, leggings, yoga pants, activewear, athletic outfits, and garnets to amplify your body’s shape.


  • Stretchy
  • Soft
  • Nice stitching
  • Not burdensome when worn.


  • Extra space around the knee
  • Expensive
  • Horrible quality
  • Runs small

Buffbunny Leggings Review

Alphalete Vs Buffbunny

When it comes to active sports and training, I admit that Buffbunny outfits are functional and stylish.

Buffbunny was pioneered by Heidi Somers from Alaska.

The brand, which began in 2016, now has a large following of over 600,000 people on Instagram.

When the company began, it sold good quality leisure wear, swimming suits, sports bras, joggers, leggings, backpacks, and many other fitness wear in unique shades and styles.

When Heidi Sommers was in university, she began to share content about health and her fitness journey as a hobby.

With time, she grew a large audience on social media, which made her quit school to fully take off Buffbunny collection where she sells outfits for women of different sizes and contours.

The brand designs creative and stylish wear for women.

Aside from stylish looks, the brand began when Heidi thought of creating a brand for women by women.

Its main objective is to create outfits that improve women’s self-esteem and feel extremely comfortable.

Recently, Buffbunny was recognized for clothing with satisfactory materials, great functionality, and nice packaging.

Buffbunny continued to grow in a higher spirit of creativity and has further saturated the market in recent times.


  • Soft
  • Super stretchy
  • Squatproof
  • Skin tight, but comfy
  • Has a naked feel
  • Worldwide shopping
  • Holds up after washing


  • Too thin
  • Usually small
  • Low quality

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Head-to-head Comparison

Alphalete Vs Buffbunny

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Brand Popularity

Alphalete brand is essentially an e-commerce store with a broad variety of fitness kits.

Unlike other clothes brands, Alphalete’s basically offers services, but alongside, they sell their fitness clothing in their physical gym and via online stores, pages which are powered by constant ads and campaigns.

Also, they employ paid influencers known as Alphalete athletes to sponsor their products for more reach.

Buffbunny is a vast service marketing enterprise that sells outfits like; shirts, shoes, leggings, sweatpants, and so on directly to customers.

However, Buffbunny is most popular on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms with influencers blowing the brand’s trumpet.

Famous personalities such as Kathryn Meller and Tyler, have modeled Buffbunny’s outfits.

The brand sells mostly beautiful clothes in ethical packs with the aim of selling clothing for every body shape and scope.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Material

Due to Alphalete’s leggings use for lateral movements, they are built with light clothes which are durable and sturdy.

They are made of stretchy materials which are elastic and comfy.

In most cases, Alphalete’s are designed with a combination of Spandex and Polyester.

The polyester material is sturdy and does not tear easily.

It permits squatting, sideways moves, and stretching.

Mixed with spandex, they hold up the muscles so you don’t get quickly exhausted during sporting activities.

Nylon substances are added to make this brand’s leggings so that they can endure for long.

To firmly support your body, waistbands are put in to ensure that your stomach looks balanced in leggings.

For some of Alphalete’s models, cotton materials are added for breathability and to soak up sweat.

Besides, the spandex & polyester combination aims at good support and shape retention.

On the other hand, Buffbunny’s leggings are much more stretchy.

This means that they are composed of more quantity of elastane for elasticity.

Also, these leggings are made with the standard and luxurious materials which are imported from other countries.

Some of its materials include;

Spandex, to make the leggings stretch effortlessly.

Although, in some cases, it causes your leggings to wrinkle a bit if they are too tight.

Nylon materials are added to make the leggings hug your body nicely.

To give your tummy satisfactory control and a sharp appearance, waistbands are reinforced.

The Luna variety of Buffbunny is composed of 87% nylon and 18% spandex.

Buffbunny’s packaging is designed with 100% recyclable materials.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Usage

Alphalete leggings are outstanding for workouts and other actions which involve side movements like gymnastics.

Then again, Buffbunny’s leggings can be used for more heavy-duty actions like hiking, heavy lifting, cardio, yoga, and other recreational activities.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Sizing and Fitting

Personally, I would say that Aphalete runs small in size, but their women’s leggings are true to Alphalete’s regular fit.

They are so small to the extent that they do not fit most of the time.

Generally, the brand’s clothing is tight, this is why most of Alphalete’s leggings contain a lot of spandex with little polyester, so the leggings cling tightly to the body.

To get a suitable size, it is important to size up before you pay for one.

Women’ Alphalete’s wear runs from XXS – XXL and Men’s scope starts at XS to XXL.

On another hand, Buffbunny active wears are true to size and comfy.

The size of the women’s outfits ranges from XXS to XXXL in sizes 4-6.

Although they fit perfectly, to prevent opacity, I would advise that you size up or get dark coloured leggings if you don’t wear revealing clothes.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Durability

Primarily, Alphalete leggings are built to last as long as they deliver maximum comfort.

Alphalete wears are durable as a result of the textiles employed in its production.

Every piece used to create the brand’s leggings is made of high quality materials, especially its polyester and spandex mix, which guarantees that the cloth is sturdy and does not rip off with ease.

For Buffbunny, the material used to design the clothes they produce, especially their leggings, are slightly thicker than Alphalate’s.

They are elastic and are blended with cotton to soak up sweat.

Since Buffbunny sells outfits for heavy actions, their build quality is excellent.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Style And Design

Alphalete leggings are a sort of compression pants made in trendy cuts.

They have a large variety of contemporary designs for men and women, which makes them perfect clothes for sports.

Nonetheless, unlike Alphalete, Buffbunny does not sell male outfits.

Their joggers, crop tops, backpacks, hoodies and leggings are all improve the dress and self-esteem of women.

Their leggings, especially the Luna variety have a high level of compression.

Also, they have pockets at the side and as a result of their intricate make up, you can use them outside the gym.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Stitching

Almost like every legging, Alphalete’s have reinforced stitches which are enduring.

They are not designed with front seams, but there are precise stitches at the top area of the waist and around the legs.

Buffbunny leggings have V-shaped curves which are neatly seamed. When you look critically, they have further inseams for enhanced durability.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Price

Certain leggings are not overly expensive, especially when it comes to Alphalete and Buffbunny’s.

Although they are big brands with a large following, their outfits are affordable.

In considering the cost factor of both brands, Alphalete’s outfits are more expensive in many categories, but when it comes to a direct comparison of its value, it is not so encouraging. But, offers more value for your money as they are of better quality.

Alphalete vs BuffBunny: Quality

Since both brands make great leggings, but Buffbunny’s accommodates heavier actions.

I would say that the quality varies depending on the brand and the leggings function.

Furthermore, the materials used to design Buffbunny leggings are slightly thicker than those of Alphalete.

This increases its tendency to rip off and not last for an extended period of time.

Alphalete stretches, but when it comes to rating their elasticity, Buffbunny spreads more and is put together with more excellent fabrics.

Aside from sports activities, Alphalete leggings are worn as leisure wears at home and even for outdoor recreations as everyday wears due to the strength of the materials used to design them.

Final Verdict

After critical study and observation of the build-up of both leggings and their overall quality, I have come to the conclusion that Buffbunny leggings are better than Alphalete‘s.

Buffbunny leggings have more functionality when placed side by side with Alphalete. They are soft, thick, and hug your limbs without excessively tightening them.

But Alphalete’s outfits generally run small so their leggings feel right, not as soft as Buffbunny’s.

It will also interest you to know that Buffbunny leggings feel more comfortable since they are made to last even during actions with high impact.

Also, they are super stretchy. Alphalete leggings stretch, but not as much as Buffbunny does.

Moreover, Buffbunny leggings have meticulous stitching, not simply for durability, but to prevent the leggings from falling off your waist.


However, some people do not believe that their leggings can last for a longer period of time, since a nominal pair is relatively thin.

But just like every other clothing, leggings can endure in good shape for a long period of time, depending mainly on the quality of the materials used and how intricately they were built.

I guess after reading this article, you have a clue about which leggings you will pick if you were given an opportunity to pick either an Alphalete or Buffbunny leggings from an online store.


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