AG vs Madewell Jeans: Which Is Better?

With the research I’ve made about these two brands, I couldn’t help but fall helplessly in love with AG jeans. Madewell jeans are unique in their way and of great quality as well.

In this article, we will determine if these two are better than big-name brands. We will also make an in-depth review of the two brands while comparing them. Then, we’ll find out which is better between the two. 

Are They Better Than Big Name Brands?

Brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, KanCan, and many others who are popularly known in America and other parts of the world have succeeded in making a name for themselves.

And, people may only buy their jeans just because they are famous brands. Considering the qualities of AG and Madewell, I will say that they are better than some of the big-name brands.

Comfort, fitting, durability, and quality are the things we look out for in jeans. And these two brands can offer all these and more.

Comparison between AG and Madewell

Before we go into the individual brand review, let’s take a look at the in-depth review of these brands in sizing, construction, comfort level, price, durability, and so on.

From the table below, you can decipher which jean is better for you.

Features AG Madewell
Construction & styles Tailored leg, zip fly with button, skinny leg, knee opening, mid-rise, woven High rise, zipper closure, mid-rise, subtle whiskering, full length, 5 pocket,
Comfort Level More Comfortable Adequate comfort
Price range $124 – $225+ / more expensive $37 – $88+ / affordable
Sizing/fitting Men: 28W×32L – 44W×34L

Women: XS(24) – L(32)

XXS (24) – 3X(45)
Durability More durable Less durable
Quality Good quality Good quality
Materials Cotton, elastomultiester, elastane, spandex, lyocell, polyester Cotton, lyocell, elastomultiester, elastane, polyester, viscose

AG Denim Review

AG Adriano Goldschmied Tailored Leg Jean

This AG Adriano is well constructed. It is made with a combination of cotton elastomultiester and elastane.

This jean is tailored from knee to ankle. I particularly like these jeans for men because it is comfortable and fitting. It has zip fly with a button closure.

While some men who do not have long legs may complain that the length is too long for them, the long-legged ones will definitely love this. It is made of soft denim.

On my favorite online store, it is sold for $198. This jean is definitely worth the money. As you must have noticed, AG jeans are more expensive than Madewell.


  • This jean is a positive for long men as it is full length.
  • It is so comfy and comfortable. The soft denim it is made of contributes to the comfort of the jean.
  • I like that the jean comes with a zip fly and button because that way, it is more secure on the waist.


  • Let me say here that this AG jean is expensive, just like every other AG jeans.
  • As a result of the long length of the jean, it is not suited for medium height and short height guys, except the length has to be cut.

 AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Ankle Skinny Leg Jean

So, here is something for women that I personally like. If you’re looking for super skinny jeans, I think this should be your pick.

This is a heavyweight jean that is stretchy. Because it is stretchy, it is comfortable. The rise style of this jean is mid-rise.

The leg style is pencil just as shown in the photo. Typical of AG jeans, this particular one is soft. It fits perfectly. There is a knee opening on this jean as a style and design. It has a zipper closure.

This particular jean is more expensive than the previous one. It is sold online for $225. But, not to bother, it is worth the price.


  • Comfort is non-negotiable and this jean offers that.
  • When you follow the right sizing, it has a perfect fit on the body.
  • It is made of a soft material and that makes the jean soft and comfortable. It is also stretchy.
  • The zipper closure type enables easy pull on and off.


  • the only cons about this jean is the expensive price. But, it’s worth it.

AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Legging Ankle Jean

While you can find AG jeans for as low as $124, this happens to be the least expensive in this list. It is as comfortable as every other AG jeans with a perfect fit.

This jean is made of cotton, polyester, lyocell, and elastane. A lot of materials have been invested into making this jean perfect for everyone. It is stretchy and comfortable.

I love this jean because it has a different kind of color and design from the rest. I always like to be unique in my dressing. You should consider this if you’re like me.

It is sold online for $188. You can check the collection of AG jeans to find the less expensive ones.


  • The combination of the materials used makes the jean stretchy and comfortable.
  • It is easy to maintain and fits great.
  • The zipper closure type allows for easy pull on and off
  • Just like other AG jeans, this one is durable.


  • It is still expensive compared to the prices of Madewell jeans.
  • I have seen some people complain that it gets too loose.

Madewell Denim Review

Madewell Women’s High Skinny Jean

You might have noticed that Madewell offers more high-rise jeans than AG. This is one of the advantages they have over AG.

So, this particular jean is high-rise and as a lover of high-rise jeans, I couldn’t help but to review this. It is made of cotton, lyocell, elastomultiester, and elastane. It is stretchy in nature.

This happens to be the most affordable jean in this review. So, if you like the features of the jean and the look, then you can spend less in getting this. It has a zipper closure type.

I also like that this jean is skinny. It is sold for just $37 online. 


  • It is comfortable enough for the price.
  • This jean also fits well.
  • The zipper closure type enables an easy pull on and off.


  • The longevity of the jean is not certain.

Madewell Women’s 9″ Mid Rise Jean

This Madewell jean is more expensive than the previous one. There is the attention given to details here as it is given a subtle whiskering touch. This jean is made of cotton, lyocell, elastomultiester, and elastane.

This particular jean is full length and you will like this if you actually want a full-length jean as a woman. It is made with a zipper closure type.

Because of the make-up materials, the jean is stretchy. It has a comfy stretch. You can find this jean for $88 online The price may differ in other stores but, it will still be in the same range.


  • It has a comfy stretch and because of that, it is comfortable.
  • The full length of the jean is truly full length and it goes down to the ankle.
  • The zipper closure is to ensure easy pull on and off, and a perfect fit on the waist.
  • It is affordable, although less affordable compared to others.


  • I have heard of complaints of the jean being stiff. And, this is true for some of the jeans. You might not know which comes to you, especially if you’re ordering online.
  • Also, the jean still washes after several wash.

Madewell Roadtripper Jeans In Playford Wash

This particular Madewell jean is made in the 5 pocket styling pattern. It is made of cotton, polyester, viscose, and elastane.

One thing I have observed about Madewell is that they seem to have an issue when it comes to fitting. It is true that not all jeans will fit a person.

The one that does not fit you might fit another person perfectly. The problem is in finding the one that fits you well. This jean is made with button and zip fly closure type. It is a high waist jean.

The jean is made to be comfortable and fitting. It is well designed and constructed. This jean can be a perfect fit for you. This goes for $51 online.


  • It is designed with a 5-pocket styling design.
  • The jean is comfortable because of the makeup of the jean materials.
  • It is quite affordable. If you’re not getting it for anything, get it for an affordable price.


  • Many people have complained of the waist size being too big even when the leg is fitting.

AG vs Madewell Jeans: Head-to-Head Comparison


When it comes to the making and construction of jeans, which is better between AG and Madewell?

The fact is that both are good jeans in terms of construction. They are well made and they both share the same materials used in making their jeans.


There should be no debating on which is more expensive and more affordable. AG offers more expensive jeans while Madewell jeans are less expensive.

The question should be, “are they worth the price”? AG jeans surely worth the price range at which they are sold for. So also, Madewell jeans are good for the price they are sold for.

Comfort Level

Which is more comfortable? From intense research, I fell in love with AG jeans from the onset because they are so comfortable. For me, I don’t trade comfort for anything when it concerns the pair of jeans I wear.

In this wise, AG jeans are more comfortable than Madewell. Although, Madewell jeans are comfortable as well but its rival is better.


It might seem everything is falling against Madewell because AG is already my favorite. Not so, please. I have already said while reviewing Madewell jeans that they seem to have issues with sizing and fitting.

This might not be for every pair of their jeans, but it’s visible in some. On the other hand, AG jeans are so fitting.

They have minimal complaints on the sizing and fitting of their jeans. On which is a better fit? AG is better than Madewell.


To further be sure, you may want to check other reviews on Madewell jeans. They are great jeans but lasting long is not their thing. Not to mention the fact that some Madewell jeans wash easily and because of that, they do not last.

AG on the other hand, is durable. The jeans from AG may not last for decades but they sure last longer than Madewell. Their expensiveness comes with this. It has to last.


You might find Madewell jeans that are of high quality and can last long, but you may not be lucky to be among the small percentage that will get the good ones.

The truth is, you get what you pay for. The quality of Madewell is not bad, it is just okay for the price. AG jeans are high-quality jeans.

Even if you might also find a few bad ones if you’re not lucky, especially when you order online. You can always return them for another. As per quality, AG is better than Madewell.

The Verdict – Which is Better?

I am sure that by now you must have already deciphered which is better for you. Some people might go for Madewell depending on what they want and can afford while some will go for AG.

Whichever is better for you is okay. For me, AG is surely better than Madewell regardless of the expensive price of their jeans. 


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