Aerie vs American Eagle: Comparison

Aerie and American Eagle are almost the same brands. The difference is that Aerie is a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters.

While American Eagle sells Jeans, Casual wear, and accessories for both men and women, Aerie sells intimate wear, and loungewear only for women.

In essence, Aerie sells lingerie, intimates, and loungewear for only women, but American Eagle focuses on selling jeans for both men and women.

Aerie stuff is sold in American Eagle stores in a different category. Even as they are a sub-brand of American Eagle, they are also an independent brand that is popular for selling women’s intimates.

History of Aerie brand

Aerie is a short form for American Eagle Lingerie (American Eagle LingerieAerie). It is in the line of intimate apparel and lifestyle retail and it is a sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters.

Aerie sells a variety of Women’s wear like lingerie, bras, undergarments, dorm wear, active apparel, loungewear, accessories, and sleepwear.

The focus of this brand is on women’s intimate wear and they have become popular just selling that. Aerie has been in the limelight for about 16 years now and they still sell under American Eagle Outfitters.

This brand was founded in 2006 as a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters to sell only women’s underwear.

As a result of this, they have also been a competition to a lingerie company for some time now. Aerie has its headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States.

The CEO of Aerie brand is Jay Schottenstein. Aerie is about body positivity and they represent that in their wear.

Aerie intimates are sexy and versatile, according to a reviewer who has used Aerie lingerie and bralette.

It is obvious that Aerie has succeeded in bringing the positivity they desire to women’s bodies.

Women are confident about their bodies with the feel of Aerie intimates on them.

Aerie uses materials like cotton, spandex, nylon, elastene in the making of its lingerie.

They are known to produce comfortable, versatile bras that cause no bra lines on the body of women using their products.

By versatile, it means that you could use some of their bras for several purposes with different other clothes. Using their bras especially, makes one feel beautiful and confident.


  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Beautiful feeling
  • Affordable.


  • Only for women.

History of American Eagle

American Eagle, also a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters is a retail brand that sells high quality, on-trend clothing accessories and personal care products.

Their main clothing line is Jeans. One advantage they have over other clothing brands is that they sell at affordable prices.

While Aerie focuses on lingerie, American Eagle focuses on Jeans for both men and women. They have a goal of making their customers feel at their best and comfortable all day round.

Their women’s collection includes jeans fits, ultrasoft t-shirts, sweatshirts, cozy cardigans, and sweaters.

American Eagle’s collection of jeans includes, moms’ jeans, low-rise jeans, 90s jeans, bootcut jeans, flare jeans, jeggings, cropped jeans, high-waisted jeans, etc.

There are also the fleece joggers or form-fitting leggings for relaxation and comfort. They also have a collection for games like mom’s shorts, midi shorts, and short shorts with the right fit for everyone.

American Eagle sells Jeans, casual wear, and accessories for both men and women and they have varieties of jeans suited for respective genders.

They have had their customers’ trust to provide a comfortable feel over the years.

The collection of American Eagle t-shirts includes classic t-shirts, graphic tees, comfy flannels, sweaters, fleece hoodies, button-up shirts, shackets, and flannel shirts.


  • high quality
  • trendy
  • affordable
  • for both men and women

Similarities between Aerie and American Eagle

The main similarities these two brands share is that they are both sub-brands of American Eagle Outfitters.

They are both from the same origin, owned by the same company. As a result of this, you can find the products of Aerie in American Eagle store and vice versa.

Also, both brands sell a collection of lingerie. Apart from jeans that American Eagle sells, it also sells Lingerie for women and shorts for men.

Aerie majorly sells Lingerie for women only. So, let’s say you want to purchase underwear for a couple, you could pick the woman’s own from Aerie and the man’s own from American Eagle. I’m sure you’ll pick the best from Aerie.

Another similarity between these two brands is that both brands also sell loungewear.

Yes, being from the same parent brand, they still have their respective brand signatures on their loungewear.

Always check out for the brand signature on the loungewear you’re purchasing in order to be sure you’re getting the particular brand you demanded.

Since they both can be found in the same store, this is necessary.

Moreso, both American Eagle and Aerie care for the comfort of their customers. That is why they produce their clothes with comfortability in mind.

You would not be in the wrong place if you are going to American Eagle Outfitters in search of comfort because both American Eagle and Aerie offer that.

Both American Eagle and Aerie clothing are affordable. Their products are sold at affordable prices and you will not need to break a bank to purchase them. It does not need to cost you much to go for comfort and style.

American Eagle Outfitters as a parent brand does not focus on being expensive. So, it is not surprising if both American Eagle and Aerie products are very much affordable.

Aerie vs American Eagle: Comparison

Having considered the differences and similarities between these two brands, let’s compare them and decide which is better especially when it comes to the similar products they sell.

Aerie vs American Eagle
Aerie vs American Eagle
American Eagle


The materials mostly used by Aerie are cotton, mostly 96%, nylon – 94%, and the secondary materials used are 4% spandex and 6% elastane. It is obvious that Aerie makes Lingerie for all weather.

While cotton can last longer in certain weather, nylon can survive the rainy seasons. It is now left to you to check out the material before you purchase the Lingerie you intend to.

American Eagle Lingerie is mostly made of 91% polyester and 9% elastane. From the above example in the photo, the brand is American Eagle but the product line is Aerie.

This shows that everything that has to do with lingerie still has a link to Aerie as it is mostly concerned with lingerie.


As a result of the elastic added in most of Aerie’s bras, that aids the sizing of the bra on a woman’s body. The intimates are made in different sizes in order for shoppers to choose from and select the one fitting for them.

American Eagle Lingerie is also made to fit women wearing them. There’s also the elastic strap added to ensure it can be adjusted to fit well.


In the example of the Aerie bra above, we can see how the bra is designed. It is designed in a triangular form with no lace, no belt, and a full shell, with adjustable straps.

The bra is actually designed in a way that it doesn’t show lines on the skin. The only downside is the nipple-outline problem that every other bras have.

American Eagle bra is made with a soft cup and a solid pattern for comfort and sizing. It is also made with an adjustable strap for easy fitting and a flowery pattern for beauty. The design is made with beauty in mind.


Aerie sells its bras within the range of €11 – €25. They happen to have a cheaper price range as compared to American Eagle due to the fact that they focus mainly on women’s intimates.

American Eagle sells its bras within the price range of €20 – €30. Maybe, we cannot get their bras at a cheaper rate after all. The affordable price should go for the jeans they sell.


Aerie products are known not to fade easily. They maintain their shine and beauty for a long time. The same can be said of American Eagle Lingerie. But, Aerie surpasses American Eagle in this category.


Here also, Aerie lasts more than American Eagle. American Eagle is not a purely women’s brand, so they may not take the time to produce what is best for women.

While Aerie is mainly a brand for women’s lingerie, so they produce what lasts.

Aerie vs American Eagle: Overall Verdict

Having taken the time to compare these two brands of the same origin, we can now say which one is better. American Eagle is better at producing jeans because that’s their mainline.

Aerie is better at producing lingerie because that’s their mainline. So, when it comes to women’s intimates, I’ll advise you to go for Aerie.

But, if you are looking to shop for Jeans, then go for American Eagle. With reviews from customers, the rating has not really been in favor of American Eagle, even against other brands.

There are a lot of downsides to their brand. But, Aerie is known to produce lasting and comfortable lingerie and they compete with leading lingerie companies.


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