Acne Vs APC Jeans: Comparison

The major difference between Acne and APC jeans is in the construction and design. While most Acne jeans are made of organically grown cotton, APC jeans are made of recycled cotton.

Also, there is a slight difference in the pricing. The design of Acne is more unique as their jeans are made with an adjustable belt that is easily noticeable before purchase.

Although most jeans are made of cotton, some brands have a way of making theirs unique.

Just like in this case, APC makes use of recycled cotton while Acne makes use of organically grown cotton. This goes a long way in determining how long they last and how they look.

First Glance At Acne Jeans

Acne Vs APC Jeans Acne Vs APC Jeans

The first thing you’ll notice about Acne jeans is the five-pocket styling in most of their jeans. My favorite is the Acne studios loose-fit jeans.

You will most likely observe the adjustable original belt that comes with the jeans. This is a major unique difference between Acne and APC jeans.

Although this doesn’t come in all of Acne’s jeans, the ones available are my favorite. Also, there is the rigid look of Acne’s jeans.

The look might be fading in some, that’s the design and you can go with that if that’s what you want.

I also like the fact that my favorite Acne jeans are high-rise style and in full length. So, Acne has more collections of full-length jeans and high-rise jeans for both men and women.

You will also notice that there are varieties of colors to choose from in Acne jeans. Each style of jeans is made available in different colors. This cannot go unnoticed; the sizing.

Acne jeans are available in different sizes and you’ll most likely find the one for you. You will also find Acne jeans fashionable to wear at first glance.

First Glance At APC Jeans

Acne Vs APC Jeans Acne Vs APC Jeans

Here’s my favorite from APC jeans, the seaside jeans, Martin Jeans F. You’ll notice the five pockets styling and you will also notice the variant colors collection. It is made of recycled denim so, it looks stiff.

Also, these very APC jean is straight with a straight fitting. In most APC jeans, you will likely observe the orange or other colors topstitching.

This is another difference between APC and Acne jeans that I didn’t mention earlier. Apc jeans are unique in their topstitching.

At first glance, you will notice the first button engraved with APC. So, that’s actually their trademark. This may not appear in every APC jeans, but you’ll find that in most of their jeans.

There is also the embossed metal rivets on APC jeans which also adds to the unique pattern of APC jeans.

My favorite APC jeans that I mentioned above have belt or rope loops where you can comfortably insert your belt or rope.

The sizing chart is also available for every APC jeans where you can pick your own size. The overall design of the jean is fashionable.

Acne Vs APC Jeans: Similarities

Although they are made of different kinds of cotton, they are both made of cotton

So, this is the first similarity Acne and APC share.

Most jeans are either made of 100% cotton or cotton and a mixture of other materials. The fact that there is an element of cotton in the making of these two brands of jeans, makes them similar.

Even if it matters that one is recycled cotton and the other is organically grown cotton. In some APC jeans, there’s a mixture of cotton and polyurethane materials.

Cotton is always the higher percentage. Same with Acne jeans, cotton is the higher percentage.

Another similarity is in the pricing

Both brands sell their jeans for not above $390. Even if you will find Acne jeans below $200, APC jeans are not below $200. Apc jeans are from $200 upward.

So, whatever amount you budget for APC, you can get Acne jeans with that same amount. A lot of people have had to deliberate on choosing between Acne and APC jeans while holding the same amount of money in hand. That’s how similar they can get.

So, when it comes to these two, pricing isn’t much of a difference. You can pick one in the place of the other with the same amount of money.

There are also some similarities in the styling

You will find most of the Acne jeans styled in the 5 pocket styling pattern, same also with APC jeans.

So, if you are looking for jeans with 5 pocket styling, I believe these two jeans brands can serve you that. Also, both are available in full length and cropped Length.

You can also find both brands in high-rise styling patterns. There are only a few differences in the styling of these jeans. And those few differences are unique.

As those differences can affect the sizing and pricing of the jeans.

Lastly, I’ll say that both Acne and APC jeans are regular jeans made available for both men and women

There are styles and sizes for men and women in APC and the same in Acne jeans. They are both the kind of jeans that every man and woman can wear to an outdoor occasion. Also, both jeans are available for skinny and medium-size men and women.

They are both the kind of jeans that regular men and women can afford. Whatever you plan to use Acne jeans for, you can use APC jeans for same purpose.

Acne Vs APC Jeans: Let’s Compare


Acne jeans are made of rigid denim and APC jeans are made of stiff fabric. Acne jeans are constructed from twill denim which is made from organically grown cotton.

While APC jeans are of recycled denim which is made from recycled cotton and other materials like polyurethane. Also, Acne is mostly built with 5-pocket styling which is the same as APC jeans.

Acne is made to have an adjustable belt while APC is constructed to have embossed metal rivets and topstitching. Although, after everything, they almost look the same, but different.

Some of these jeans are distressed and destroyed in design. Both Acne and APC jeans are well constructed.


Both jeans brands make quality jeans. From the details of APC, they seem to have the most quality. Apc jeans have topstitching, and embossed metal rivets, and from the construction, they are made of, which makes them higher in quality.

But, Acne is just as top quality as APC. The construction of Acne jeans whereby time is taken to grow organic cotton, that contributes to making their jeans of high quality.

When it comes to quality, APC does the most detailing. It is at the end of this comparison that we will say which has the overall quality. When we might have considered other factors, you will then see which is of better quality.

Comfort Level

For comfort, I will also say that both jeans brands are comfortable. Acne is made to be super stretchy just to increase your comfort level. As you wear them, the jean stretches and conforms to your body thereby, making you comfortable in it.

Apc jeans are made of stiff fabric and that lowers the comfort level of the jeans. Although, they are comfortable but not as comfortable as Acne jeans.

So, when it comes to comfort, the most comfortable, Acne jeans take the lead. I don’t know about you, but at anytime I find it difficult to pull a jean on, that gets me off.

When a jean is not soft enough for some people, that is not comfortable enough. There are people that really like the stiff fabric, and that can be comfortable for them.


Price is what will make you decide to purchase particular jeans after considering the quality of the jeans. For Acne, their jeans range from $132 to $380.

Most Acne jeans are within the range of $200. So, I’ll advise that you budget $200+ if you want to get any quality jeans from Acne. For women, the price ranges from $192 to $380.

For men, the prices are between $132 to $380. So, you can see that there are cheaper jeans for men than for women. For APC jeans, the prices range from $240 to $335.

So, the basic price of APC jeans is $250. Other styles and designs will be higher. For women, the prices are between $240 to $270. For men, the price ranges from $240 to $335.

You can see that APC jeans for men are more expensive than for women. And that is the opposite for Acne jeans. You should take note of this price difference, so you’ll know what to budget as a man or a woman.


Sizing is what will make you finally purchase a pair of jeans and use it. If it doesn’t fit, you would want to return it for another or just tailor it to fit. Some people prefer returning for another pair.

To avoid the stress of returning or tailoring to fit, getting fitting jeans is important, especially when you’re buying online. I see both Acne and APC jeans as best fitting as they can be.

When it comes to fitting, both are good. Acne has a perfect waist, hip, and leg fitting. Depending on the style you buy, if you follow the sizing chart, you will get a perfect fit for yourself.

Apc jeans also have sizing charts available for every jean in their collection. So, just check the chart and order your regular size.


A lot of people are minimalist and they always want to use a few number of clothing for a long time. So now, here comes the big question: which is more durable? I will first say that both Acne and APC are built to last.

And, depending on how you manage and care for your jeans, they can last long for you. In relation to how jeans should last, it depends on how you handle these jeans.

Jeans that most people complain of not lasting may last in your hand according to how you wash and handle them. Now, back to the topic of the day. I have realized that Acne lasts longer than APC.

Although, it’s just a slight difference because both jeans last long.

Why Should You Buy Acne Jeans?

I’ll first say that you should buy Acne jeans because you need well-constructed jeans, you need stylish, comfortable and fashionable jeans.

You should also buy Acne jeans because you can afford them and they will serve the purpose for which you want them. Don’t look at the price, they are worth every price tagged on each Acne jeans.

Also, as I’ve said previously, they will last longer for you to keep wearing or give them out when you’re tired of wearing them.

You should also buy Acne jeans because you will find your size and they will fit you well. Finally, buy Acne jeans because a lot of people are buying and using them.

Why Should You Buy APC Jeans?

You should buy APC jeans because they are comfortable Jeans. APC jeans are the kind of jeans that will endure any tough environment you wear them to because they are made with materials to be stiff and tough.

You need APC jeans because you can actually afford them regardless of the price. Apc jeans are particularly stylish and fashionable and you want to look in the trend.

You should buy APC jeans because so many other people have bought and are wearing APC jeans. You can’t be the only one who hasn’t tried out APC jeans.

Which Is Better?

I guess this is the part that many of you will skip to. Someone once said that there is no perfect jeans or product out there, you only need to find the one that’s perfect for you.

For me, I believe that Acne is better than APC jeans. You might find APC best for you, but a majority of people I’ve heard from chose Acne jeans. So, it’s time you find the one that is perfect for you.


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