About Us

Yaaay! You made it to the big reveal.

It would be a shame if you did not get to meet the face, (or fingers), behind all of the content on this web page.

Before I help you choose your next favorite pair of jeans, legging, or pants as the case may be, I would like to say hello and rave a bit about a subject that has nothing or everything to do with fashion and styling.

About Waistmade.com

Welcome to Waistmade.com – the blog that helps individuals make the right styling and fashion choices.

Hello, I’m Ini; a fashion buff and Lead Content Creator at Waistmade.com.

Your favorite celebrity will tweet about everything but the stress their stylist goes through to ensemble the perfect outfit for every occasion while ensuring their elegance and outfit while posing for the cam.

For reasons I don’t want to state here to avoid sparking controversial arguments(that’s not my forte anyway), not all of us get a chance at all that luxury or money, especially not myself, so I have had to source fashion staples from Wal-mart to other high-end stores I won’t advertise here.

For myself, jeans are my go-to outfit for every occasion except there are rules that prohibit this.

Apart from successfully styling outfits for events without any help, knowing where to shop for these outfits, making the right choices, and hoping to beat the odds have led me to explore and gain considerable experience in the industry.

Getting jeans that fit properly without pooling at my legs has been an issue I’ve had to struggle with as a result of being vertically disadvantaged and my experiences served as a propeller that led to the birth of this blog.

Waistmade.com is one of the longer stories about how hobbies turned into professions and this site was created to yak about fashion tips, pieces, and brands in order to widen your options when it has to do with styling and improve your shopping experience too.

The years of studying English finally paid off and have given me an idea of how to communicate effectively and have been a guide, from the research process to editing and proofreading.

I hope you don’t mind if I slip in a word of advice. “Stay awake in class”. That’s the message.

I’ve got twenty-four hours each day like the rest of us, so apart from contributing to this blog and checking on other team members, I write on other topics and explore niches like lifestyle, stories about happy-ever-afters, and a host of other writing projects.

When I’m not divulging fashion secrets, leading the rest of the WaistMade content team, and blabbing about what’s going on in the industry, you’d catch me lounging on my couch, like the certified couch potato I am, reading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time and developing conspiracy theories about the source of J.K.Rowlings inspiration.