70’s Women Fashion: What You Should Know

Fashion in the 70s is mind-blowing and totally different from what it is today, I’ll show you what I mean.

The fashion sense of that era is quite different in the sense that emphasis was placed on ease in styles and tailored silhouettes.

The 70s fashion is all about disco and its iconic fashion trend. The period was about being flashy and standing out.

This period was colorful and also innovative. Their clothes were simple and loose in the 70s, flares and bell sleeves were people’s favorite styles of dressing.

Crotchet dresses, bell-bottom jeans, peasant blouses, skirts, tie-dye, and jackets were the trending wears of the 70s.

It was called “the disco period” as most outfits were inspired by disco and worn for parties.

High-waisted flare and jumpsuits were also loved in those days as they are quite loose on the dance floor. Women loved to wear sky-high platform heels as well as men in the glam rock scene. Men found printed shirts more attractive and fun to wear than plain shirts.

In this era, your outfit would not be complete without oversized sunglasses. With lightly tinted lenses and big frames, you’ve totally killed it.

The use of hats was a big deal, this is due to the fact that it suits both summer and winter. Knee boots were also super trendy at that time as they were sold in almost every store and were very affordable to get.

The boot was loved so much because it can be paired with any outfit and for every occasion.

What styles were popular in the 70s

The 70s featured so many styles which people back then admire and wore every day for different occasions.

So many styles were quite popular in the 70s ad those styles are still available to this day. No color was ignored and every shirt had large collars.

This era has so many amazing styles to digest but we’ll focus on the trends that made this era quite memorable. In this part of the article, I’ll put you through some of those looks that helped to define the style of that era.

A few of them are; platforms, bellbottoms, high-waisted jeans, sunglasses, large and floppy collars, bead tie-dye, jumpsuit, and lastly the Afro. I’ll show you why these were popular styles of the 70s.

White tee + button-up mini skirt + go-go boots or with a crop top

70’s Women Fashion 70’s Women Fashion 70’s Women Fashion

This style was one of the most popular styles in the 70s, especially among young girls. The mini shirt is usually a bit flared and buttoned-down.

There is nothing more classic than pairing a mini skirt with go-go boots. It adds perfect glamour to your outfit and some inches height to your height.

Girls in the 70s usually paired this outfit with either platform shoes or boots. A nice necklace or bead can be worn too for a more stylish look.

Bell bottoms + turtle neck + platform heels or with a blazer on a simple t-shirt

70’s Women Fashion

This style of dressing was very popular in the 70s, especially among women. Women loved to put on flared trousers which they paired with a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck.

They also wore this with platform heels and sometimes with necklaces or beads. This style is made more stylish with the use of a belt for flare trousers.

A classic button-down shirt with the bell bottom was a great option in the 70s. The shirt is usually tucked in and the flare almost covered their shoes.

This style can fit both casual and official occasions. Women also wear bell bottoms with knit sweaters, especially during cold days.

Unbuttoned shirt + flare trousers + sunglasses + beads + clog/shirt collar

70’s Women Fashion

This can be worn over the lapels of a jacket paired with clogs.

The 70s was known for this popular style of dressing. It wasn’t only women that usually put on bell-bottoms in the 70s, men do too.

Men in the 70s loved to style their shirts by tucking them in the bell-bottoms and finishing them with an oversized jacket.

It is a 70s men’s fashion to unbutton a couple of buttons and pull the floppy collar wide open.

Others wore their shirt collar over the lapels of their jacket for a more stylish look. Putting on a jacket is another popular men’s fashion of the 70s.

The unbuttoned shirt and flare trouser is usually accompanied by a pair of clogs, sunglasses, and sometimes beads too.

Clogs were often paired with bell bottoms to offer a unique 70s style. Sunglasses were used to provide an added sense of style and sophistication.

People considered sunglasses as part of fashion rather than function. The glasses usually come in tinted lenses and big frames.

A turtleneck + jacket + a newsboy gatsby hat + sunglasses

70’s Women Fashion

A popular style of the 70s is to put on a turtle neck with jackets paired with a hat and sunglasses. Hat in the 70s was considered a very essential fashion accessory for both men and women.

It was worn as a functional accessory and for fashion. The hat was a way of completing the turtle neck and jacket and the sunglasses just made it more fun and stylish.

A jacket over a turtle neck was the coolest form of dressing for men in the 70s as they could show off their large and floppy collars.

Jumpsuit paired + platform heels

70’s Women Fashion

Flared jumpsuit with platform heels was popular party wear in the 70s. It was a disco costume. It was more comfortable and fashionable than wearing a dress.

They became so popular that people wore them everywhere both for parties and business meetings.

A typical 70s jumpsuit was almost flared in the leg and it is usually paired with clogs and platform heels.

It is worn mostly by entertainers in the 70s. It gives women convenience, as it is simple, light, and very flexible.

How to dress like a girl in the 70s

Girls’ fashion in the 70s was dominated by the disco look. When we think of the 70s girl fashion we think of disco kind of style.

Girls and women in the 70s dressed in a certain disco style that is different from other eras. If you want to go back in style or dress like a girl from the 70s, then you should read on.

Mini skirts and short dress

Mini skirts and short dresses were the iconic styles of dressing for girls in the 70s. In the 70s, skirts got shorter so if you want to dress like a girl in the 70s you should have mini skirts in your closet.

You can pair these mini-skirts with a white tee-shirt, nice tops, or crop tops. The skirts and dresses usually come in bright colors and nice patterns.

Unlike womenswear that are loose and long, young girls wore mini skirt and dress to showcase their style. The 70s was a decade of short pants, especially for girls.

The most popular style and length in that period were pleated knee-length or straight A-line skirts. These skirts were roomy around the hips and legs with an elastic waist for better comfort.

Short skirts with bright colors and blousy shirts were very common in the initial period of the era. The hippie garb came and paved way for a disco look which means miniskirts, midi skirts, and halter-neck catsuits.

The miniskirts are mostly flared and button-down and can be paired with platform shoes, clogs or go-go boots.

Flared trousers and jumpsuits

Girls also wore flared trousers a lot in the 70s. It was acceptable for girls to put on pants in that era. In fact, flare pants are associated with the 70s.

In that era, flare pants were the it-trouser for so many people, from the footballer to the musicians, the working class to the rich, trendy youths and parents.

Everyone had it for one purpose or the other. To dress like a girl in the 70s, flare trousers must be part of your outfit. Jumper dress and drop-waist dresses were also part of girls’ fashion in the 70s.

The jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that is quite easy to slip on. It was mostly worn by girls on the dance floor. They are often made with bright color fabrics. It was seen as a great alternative to a maxi dress.

Pairing your jumpsuit with platform heels made a perfect outfit for a disco party. Girls wore it because it was more comfortable than wearing a dress. The jumpsuits were mostly flared in the leg and had bell sleeves.


If you want to dress like a girl in the 70s, Jeans should be part of your outfit. Jeans were worn for informal occasions and as a casual outfit. Jeans were mostly flared at that time.

Bootcut and flare jeans were girls’ favorites during the disco era. There were always jeans to pair with nice heels and flowery tops. Girls wore jeans in the 70s but mostly for casual events.


In the mid to the late seventies, girls were known for wearing flared-leg pants with frilly blouses underneath.

The flared pants came in different bright colors and nice patterns which makes sense to wear your clogs and platform shoes with them.

Girls do flaunt their flared jeans with retro halter-neck tops and clogs or jean jackets paired with heels. Girls also wore knee-high boots with short dresses in the 70s.

The platform heels were also trending as it gives good balance and can be very fashionable to put on.

These shoes go well with a mini skirt or a jumpsuit to complete the look. These 70s shoes are quite relaxing and comfortable as well as stylish and fun to wear.

Beads and sunglasses

Another thing to consider while dressing as a girl in the 70s is the use of a beaded choker. It adds a nice look to your outfit and makes you stand out among the crowd.

It could also be a nice necklace or a colorful scarf around your neck. Other beads are love beads and puka shells that you could pair with a turtle neck and a jacket. Don’t forget your big sunglasses too.


I would conclude this article by saying that the 70s was a very experimental period. Everyone wanted to look good and stand out.

Fashion meant a lot to people at that time and it was serious business. What made the 70s fashion trend interesting was that everyone had their distinct styles.

Girls wore miniskirts and shorts, women loved their platform heels and flare trousers and men kept afro hairstyle. There was a style for everyone, both old and young.

The 70s was full of popular styles like bell-bottoms, tie-dye shirts, large collars, sunglasses, platform heels, beads, and so on.

At that time large and floppy collars were the real deal and sunglasses with big lenses and frames were the best to finish up the outfits.

The afro hairstyle can also be used to represent that era. It was a hairstyle for both men and women.

The 70s style of dressing is still fashionable today. You can still wear them and still look fashionable. It’s even much easier to get these things from Amazon to spice up your style.

You can also go further to style your hair in the afro style to give you a more 70s look. You can try something new today.


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