70s Clothes for Ladies You Can Buy in 2023

You would agree that fashion and trends are all vicissitudes; a succession and a change from one style to another.

As a result, dressing styles do not exactly go out of fashion, they only stop for some time, get rebranded, and reoccur. Other times, these styles come back exactly as they were, unadulterated.

This is the reason it is easy to find 70’s clothes for ladies still being rocked in today’s world as though it is novel.

Some of these clothes have even blended so much into our current world of fashion that people seldom notice they are dressing in styles that were once regarded as outdated.

In this article, you’re going to be shown 10 70’s clothes for Ladies and how to style them properly into our current fashion trends.

Our analysis will get you to understand why they are still trending.

10 70’s Clothes For Ladies That You Should Know

Wallflower Women’s Legendary Classic Fit Bootcut Jeans

70s Clothes for Ladies

The bootcut jean design is one of the oldest clothes you could find. It even predates the 70s, however, it became very popular during that period and stands as one of the times in history when bootcut were mostly worn.

Bootcut is one of the few old designs that was and still is suitable for both men and women. It is a comfortable style that is a tad skinny at the hips, almost relaxed at the knee, and open at the leg area.

This Wallflower jean still trends because it is incredibly versatile; it could serve different functions because of the laid-back bootcut style. It can be styled into different dress formats depending on the shirt and shoe that goes with it.

For example, you can keep it casual by pairing it with a t-shirt and low-heeled sandals or shoes. You can also go for a sleek chick look by pairing it with a blazer, V-neck, or turtle neck shirt. A perfect smart casual.

You could rock the cowgirl looks too. All you need is a cowgirl boot, a leather or suede jacket, a light vest, and the legendary hat to bring up that perfect look!

PEACE SIGN 60s 70s T-shirt

70s Clothes for Ladies

The round neck t-shirt is one cloth that has been worn for ages now. Its popularity in the 60s and 70s was uncanny. You’d be right to say it is one of the few clothes that is seldom considered outdated to later resurface. It never goes out of fashion.

Originally, it was intended to be worn as undergarments; to be used under sleeve shirts.

However, you still find it trending because people have found various ways to blend it into different dressing styles. It is worn as semi-casual under-dress shirts (unbuttoned or halfway buttoned), dress pants, and sneakers.

It can also suffice as a gym or general sportswear. Except, of course, for swimming. The model and design make it ideal for workouts. It’s elastic, light, breathable, and comfortable. These are the needed qualities for women’s sportswear.

Deerose Women’s 70s Groovy Dress

70s Clothes for Ladies

There are times a lady wants something simple, yet with a touch of classiness, this groovy dress has always been the go-to guy. Plus, its versatility makes it super awesome. It could be used for Halloween, vacation, dance, and other functions.

This gown has been the life of the party in past and recent times. It is pretty simple and nice regardless of what it is merged with. The material is stretchy and soft, and this makes it comfortable.

You could still find it trending in modern fashion because it has an evergreen design. It carries the aura and looks like a casual, yet decent style. This groovy dress is a relaxed model, occasional, and ideal for everyday use.

The proper styling for the gown doesn’t need any form of sophistication. A simple flat sandal or a converse will do. Depending on the function it’s worn to. The coolest thing about it is that it’s great for all ages.

BDSG Women’s Overcoat

70s Clothes for Ladies

The overcoat blazers have been known for ages to be worn by people in different works of life.

Originally, the overcoat was sewn to have a tight grip on the body, however, it became loose in the 19th century when it became common among civilians as opposed to being solely for the military personnel for whom it was primarily made.

It has become a popular choice in the 1970s, and to date, it is still rocked with pride and style as one of the best 70s clothes for Ladies. It still finds relevance because it is captured in the definition of modern craftsmanship.

There are many ways to style it; officially, casually, or semi-casual. It depends on preference. It could go with dress pants and a nice dress shoe for a formal function.

It can also be styled with ripped jeans, a t-shirt as an undergarment, or converse and left halfway or completely buttoned for a casual dress format as on the picture underneath.

70s Clothes for Ladies

Tronjori Women’s High Waist Palazzo

70s Clothes for Ladies

Palazzo pants for women became a popular dress in the 1960s and 1970s. The style is similar to a type of cuffed pants with wide legs that was common with women in the 1930s and 1940s.

Palazzo is not to be confused with bootcut. While the former is a tad relaxed at the hips area and spacious from the thigh downward, the latter is snug from the hip to the knee and only spacious at the leg areas.

It was and still is, the delight of many in modern-day fashion. The freedom it gives and the all-around elegance is why many have stuck to it. Plus, it is a flowing fabric with sleek cuts and a nice feel that could be styled in diverse ways.

The style still trends because it is a timeless design that maintains relevance regardless of the season.

Besides, palazzos have different types you could choose from. There are straight, flared helm, printed, cropped, belted, pleated, split, and culottes palazzos. This means you have the luxury of options to style up the different models with different tops.

For example, the straight and flared helm palazzos could serve as formal dresses when worn with dress shirts and dress shoes.

The split and pleated designs could serve as semi-formal dresses when worn with either a dress shirt or short-sleeved chiffon top and nice buckle sandals. PalazoPalazzosery versatile!

DouBCQ Women’s Swing Dress

70s Clothes for Ladies

A swing dress is vintage, it is usually up to the knee length and is typical of the early 1960s. Although it is almost a prototype of some type of 1930 skirt that swings in motion. The swing dress is flattering on all types of bodies because it has a fit and flare shape.

Swing dresses have now been hybridized into different fashions. The upper part in some recent styles is sewn to take the shape of modern design. Some have managed to retain their original form, unadulterated, making a perfect portrait.

But you still find the design because it still fits in today’s world. A modern swing dress has an A-shape line and is flowery. It’s a bit tight at the chest from whence the fabric bell out and hugs the waist.

The proper way to style it is to keep it simple. A nice wristwatch, a pair of heels, and a hat – a classic look. Or you may want to put on a jacket for effect.

Please do not wear a swing dress with pants underneath. Doing so is a statement of terrible dress sense.

Woman’s 70s Glitz Glamour Costume

70s Clothes for Ladies

The women’s glitz glamour costume is one of the most used stage performance wears that is used by many female celebrities.

It was a nonverbal element of wealth as it enhances their personalities and highlights their individuality. It evolved into different sleek cuts and iterations in the late 1980s.

But as far as the early 2000s the glamour costume has gone through a series of changes and back to its original form.

Currently, it is not out used as performance wear, it is worn by individuals for different functions. Especially at social events where there are individuals of high social class.

There are not many ways to style it since it covers both dressing down and up. It could be worn with nice back heels or the same dress color.

It is nice pairing it with leather jackets and sneakers to give that touch of casual and classy look in a nice form of uniqueness.

Hippie Afro Costume

70s Clothes for Ladies

While you could rightly say that this shirt was originally used as a costume and was originally for men, it is also true that it has found its way into modern women’s fashion.

It was mostly used for celebrations ranging from Halloween, Christmas, and other carnivals. Wearing this used to be a statement of African affiliation, but these days, you see the Whites rocking it too.

It is mostly styled with palazzo pants or bootcut, and nice dress shoes or Snickers. The shirt doesn’t need to go with much.

It is always cool as long as there are the right pants and shoes. Plus, the need for comfort has increased its acceptability because it is very lightweight and has a nice feel.

Other times, this shirt is styled up in a semi-formal dress format where it is worn with straight plain dress trousers, and a dress shoe. However, it would suffice for a formal function.

Luvamia Women’s Casual Straps Pinafore Dress

70s Clothes for Ladies

Regardless of the model, the jean pinafore gown has been long-time fashion wear. Even as far back as the early 1960s, it has many iterations.

Some could cover up to underneath the neck level, some were at the mid-chest. It is one of the common party outfits.

Albeit this may sound odd, it is right to say that denim pinafores would always have a place that can best be understood if they are styled and worn correctly. It stands as one of the most pertinent 70s clothes for Ladies in the present day.

To style a pinafore dress properly, you could wear a turtleneck shirt or a t-shirt underneath it. Putting on a cardigan sweater, or a leather jacket on it looks great as well. It all depends on your preferred styling. In all, a converse, snickers, a running shoe, or any sporty shoe would look great.

Note that it has always been a reflection of a poor fashion sense to wear a dress shoe with it. Then again, considering that what’s frowned on today might turn out to be tomorrow’s trend, uncertainty looks you in the eyes.

Naggo Mini Floral Wrap Dress

70s Clothes for Ladies

The 70s has gone down in history as one of the most fashionable decades of all time. It brought fashion trends that reflected the free spirit and the true nature of culture.

And all of these things are almost never complete without mentioning the wrap dress that was a popular choice at that time. It’s cool to see that many Ladies still appreciate it today.

People stuck with them because they are very free and comfortable to wear. Especially for casual outings, normal home use, and other social events, depending on the length – different styles are above and below the knee level.

Today, the wrap dress is styled with matching color hats, nice handbags, and heels. The silhouette makes it super versatile. Note that the “care” instruction specifically for this model reads that it is not machine washable.

Also, check for the see-through types so as to wear undergarments that make their transparency inconsequential.


Fashion and trends are mostly what happenstance says it is – not necessarily something new as most seeming new styles are old rebranded fashions.

Most of which are from the 70s. Clothes for Ladies most times are not necessarily about sophistication. It could just be simple and trendy. Everyone would follow.

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