7 For All Mankind Vs Seven: Comparison 

The major difference between the two brands is that 7 For All Mankind is a luxury brand while Seven Jeans is not.

7 FAM jeans (in this article it will be shortened this way for convenience) are made and marketed to celebrities and famous people.

And it features an elevated design and fit that puts it in the closets of influencers and trendsetters who love the glamour and life in front of the camera.

Seven jeans focus on affordability. The jeans are premium, but this doesn’t stop the average jeans lover from being able to afford them. 

7 for all Mankind Vs Seven


7 For All Mankind: A Short History 

This company was created by Jerome Dahan, Micheal Glasser, and Peter Koral in the year 2000, with headquarters in Vernon, California.

Both Dahan and Glasser had been in the apparel business previously.

The proximity of the company to the celebrity world of Los Angeles added to the popularity of the brand among influencers and celebrities.

Those who have won the jeans include Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

They make original designs that include boot cuts and low-rise jeans.

The company produces other apparel like skirts, shorts, and denim jackets for men and women.

You can find the brand in over 80 countries. In 2007, the VF corporation bought the company and sold it in 2016 to Delta Galil Industries. 

Seven Jeans: The History

This brand has a history that dates farther into the past, with origins in Europe. They started this brand in the 1960s in Europe.

In 2004 Gerard Guez bought it. Unfortunately, there is scanty information about Seven jeans in Europe before it became a US brand in 2004.

At any rate, Seven Jeans is low-end jeans, that has customers and fans around the world. 

People confuse Seven Jeans and 7 For All Mankind jeans.

They are not the same brands. In fact, as noted here, Seven jeans existed long before 7 FAM started business in LA.

The two brands have several elements that differentiate them from each other. 

Why we need to compare

There are countless brands making jeans. There are also multitudes of designs.

But jeans differ in quality, style, and price. Some brands even target a particular community of people.

Therefore, a comparison can help you determine:

  • Style
  • Price range
  • Quality


7 FAM jeans have distinguished themselves in their designs.

As you will see in this comparison, a certain section of society has found jeans more appealing.

Whereas Seven jeans may appeal to you because it is more laid back in its marketing strategy. 

Price range

A comparison also helps you determine if either of the jeans is meant for you.

One of the jeans in this comparison is more expensive than the other.

Going through the comparison will help you determine if the price is a hindrance to your taste. 


Not all jeans feature the same quality. Some are mid, while others use high-quality materials for their garments.

Quality determines the price. Most high-priced jeans are also high-quality jeans.

This is not always the case for all brands, but very common in the jeans industry. Some jeans fade quicker than others. Some jeans won’t shrink. 

7 For All Mankind vs Seven Jeans: Comparison

Comparing two jeans can be tricky, especially if you are not used to making distinctions between denims.

Furthermore, jeans look alike and they appear to share too many similarities. Below are the differences between the jeans from these two brands.

  • Fabrics
  • Their customers
  • Price 
  • Construction
  • Style and popularity 
  • Overall quality 


7 FAM jeans launched Airweft AKA the featherweight jean. Cut from hollow-fiber Japanese denim that doesn’t compromise on durability.

They nicknamed the fabric foolproof. The fabrics are not your regular denim fabrics. They are 98% cotton and 11% stretch fibers.

The fabrics are special because no matter how often you wash them, they just won’t wash or fade.

Even vigorous washes don’t make them shrink. The aim of the brand is to make denim that beats all the others. 7 FAM made these jeans in Slimmy, Straight, and Paxtyn. 

Seven jeans are different in that they use the regular fabrics that are popular among makers of jeans. 

Their Customers

Another difference between the two brands is their target market. 7 FAM jeans target high-earning celebrities and influencers.

The jeans are designed to appeal to the demography of Los Angeles rich people. 

They designed seven jeans following the old tradition of the European lifestyle.

The jeans appeal to not just the rich but also the everyday women and men that are not so different from the ones in Europe, the birthplace of the Seven Jeans brand.

Everyone can find Seven jeans comfortable. It doesn’t matter their station in life. 

It is different for 7 FAM jeans because this brand makes jeans that serve as a fashion statement for those who wear them.

For example, when Prince Harry wore it, the incident made the news. No one really makes the news wearing Seven jeans. It is like wearing any other brand of jeans. 


Another difference you have to admit exists between the two jeans is the price.

Pricing for jeans is very important. We are all influenced by the price of clothes, and it determines whether we buy or not.

7 FAM jeans are more expensive than Seven jeans.

The former makes use of premium materials in their manufacture of jeans by blending high-quality jeans with casualness without compromising taste.

This is why celebrities love jeans. A quick check on Amazon stores shows the jeans are costly, with some of the cheapest being $138 and they can be as expensive as $215

Seven Jeans are cheaper with some as low as $38. This doesn’t in any way suggest that Seven jeans are not of high quality as well. 


7 FAM does a special kind of jeans construction that Seven Jeans don’t do.

Parts of the 7 FAM collection have what they call a FiberTrace. This is a technology that allows consumers to track the lifecycle of a garment.

The embedded FiberTrace is traceable and scannable. It is an indestructible pigment that’s embedded in the fabric of the jeans.

And what’s more, they can record the reading and recording of the information on those jeans on a virtual Blockchain.

Although this technology was applied to the fall and winter 2021 capsule collection of jeans for both sexes, it is something worthy of note.

This construction is special to 7 FAM brands. Seven jeans make great-looking jeans without this technology in it, making this a significant difference between the two brands. 

Style and Popularity

There’s also a slight difference in the style of jeans. Although all jeans look the same on the surface, brands usually distinguish their jeans with certain details.

7 FAM jeans are flattering in their style. They have longer-bodied, elongated bootcuts than most other brands. They feature a natural rise in their cuts. 

7 FAM jeans feature a pocket design like the photo below:

 7 for all mankind Vs Seven

The rivets also bear the logo of the brand. Seven jeans on the other feature the regular designs you see on all other jeans. In fact, the brand does little to distinguish itself in the apparel world. 

A further difference inherent in the jeans and brand is the popularity. The jeans industry is an extremely tough place to try to distinguish your brand.

You only need to search for either of these brands on the internet and you’d be surprised to find that there’s an awful that’s written about Seven Jeans. 

7 FAM, however, is a more popular pair of jeans. It is so popular that many buyers think they’re the same brand.

Buyers aren’t the only ones making this mistake. Bloggers and fashion writers have written so much about 7 FAM jeans, using them interchangeably.

I searched the internet for Seven Jeans and the search results shoot up articles written on 7 FAM jeans. 

Overall Quality

7 FAM jeans feature an overall quality that sets them apart in this comparison.

The FiberTrace technology in the jeans improves the quality greatly. The jeans don’t shrink and fade easily.

If you need jeans that last almost forever, then you should buy 7 FAM jeans. Seven jeans aren’t in the same class of quality.

They’ve been around since the 60s which means folks have been wearing the garments since then. I’d like to know what you readers think of the jeans. If you wear them, that is. 

A Few Similarities

The two jeans share the same similarity you see with all other jeans. It is a fact that they are both types of denim

Both jeans have the essential elements you see on jeans like the rivets in the pocket areas and the pocket designs in the back of the jeans, and they both make skinny and bootcut lines. 

Bottom line

Seven Jeans suffer the trouble of being one of the least talked about jeans in the world.

The brand has not enjoyed the popularity it deserves, being swallowed by the shadow of 7 FAM jeans. 


There are even stories suggesting that the two brands have once been involved in a lawsuit over the proprietary use of 7 or Seven.

Few people knew that Seven Jeans existed before the American brand, 7 For All Mankind.

One of the ways to tell which brand you are buying is by checking for their logos.

Do let me know in the comment section what your experience has been with wearing Seven Jeans or 7 For All Mankind jeans. 


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