7 For All Mankind vs Levi’s Jeans: Which Is Better? 

Can we all agree that the only thing harder than shopping for a swimsuit is shopping for a great pair of jeans?

Now that we have that out of the way, let me take you through my experience with jeans pieces from 7 For All Mankind and Levi’s.

The Difference Between 7 For All Mankind and Levi’s Jeans

As a lover of jeans, I always endeavor to shop for a few pieces every now and then, among my many pairs of jeans are these two, Levi’s jeans, and the 7 For All Mankind jeans.

Having tried out these two pieces the most obvious difference I noticed between the 7 For All Mankind and Levi’s jeans I purchased is in the material used in their construction.

7 For All Mankind has a composition of both cotton and stretchy fibers embedded in its material, making it stretchy jeans. On the other hand, Levi’s had a sturdy and non-stretchy feel.

Although I got straight-cut jeans, 7 For All Mankind seemed too huggy for me, not giving me that straight-cut look and feel, rather it made me feel like I had skinny jeans on.

My Levi’s gave me the perfect straight-cut jean appearance and feel I desired.

History of 7 For All Mankind Jeans

7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

In the year 2000, Michael Glasser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan were the pioneers of the American denim brand known as 7 For All Mankind jeans (often referred to as 7FAM).

At that time, the headquarters from which it operated was located in Vernon, California.

Dahan and Glasser were the designers who operated the clothing brand. They established the company in acknowledgment of what they perceived as an unoccupied market in the contemporary denim market.

Paying more attention to female denim wearers, 7 For All Mankind has been known to amass a lot of success in the fit, fabrics, washes, and paying to detail, and the brand logo on the jeans’ back pockets.

Later in 2002, a jean line peculiar to men was introduced, and subsequently, in 2005, it had a collection for children (both boys and girls). 

In 2017, it was bought by the VF Corporation and auctioned to Delta Galil Industries in 2016. The popularity of the brand among celebrities like Prince Harry was a result of its proximity to Los Angeles.

They are currently sold in eighty countries around the world, including Europe, Japan, and Canada.


  • Fantastic comfort.
  • Forgiving material.
  • Lasting.
  • Accommodating.
  • Lightweight.


  • Expensive.

History of Levi’s Jeans 

7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

In 1842, 24 years after the start of the California gold rush, Levi Strauss was approached with an unusual business pitch.

Jacob Davis of Lativa wanted him to invest in a new way to make work pants using cooler rivets on the pockets and stress points so they hold together longer.

Bolting pants together sounded strange to Strauss, and he was skeptical. Manufacturing these jeans was a bit of a gamble because they still had to invest resources and set up the manufacturing processes.

Once their riveted pants were in production, Strauss pioneered the use of an alternative fabric to the stuffed, uncomfortable canvas. A twill cotton weave that originated in the French town of Nimes.

It is like a studious canvas but more comfortable and softens with wear. While canvas was typically brown, denim came in indigo because the blue dyes hit stains better.

The factor which set Levi’s and Davis’s jeans apart from all the competitors was the tear-proof riveted seams.

Because of the rivets, Levi’s is still Levi’s today. Mr. Strauss got a patent on the copper rivets and prevented others from using the technology.

The design was about substance and durability, not just style; it was about the essence of something someone had to rely on for the rest of their life.

Once again, there was a risk of prospectors, but this time, they weren’t looking for gold. They wanted those tough denim pants with copper rivets. Within four years, Levi Strauss was worth four million dollars and 91 million today.

The Levi’s proved to be so popular that imitators quickly appeared. In 1874, the year after they got the pants, Strauss filed an infringement suit against his competitors, but there was another problem. The patent on those rivets would run out in 1890.

Strauss needed a way to ensure his product would never be confused with anyone else’s, and so in 1886, Strauss put a unique leather patch on every pair of jeans.

By 1874, when the patent expired, Levi’s was California’s leader in the market. This is the year lot numbers were designed, and 501 was used to designate the now famous copper riveted trousers.


  • It is made of cotton fabric.
  • Reliable. 
  • Incredible comfort.
  • Iconic style.
  • perfect fit.


  • It takes time to break in.

Mankind vs Levi’s Jeans: Head-To-Head Comparison 

7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

No one goes into a clothing store and picks anything they see just because it is a clothing item. There are definitely qualities we look for before purchasing dresses.

However, jeans need more carefulness while choosing the brand to suit your needs. Underneath are the qualities peculiar to 7 For All Mankind and Levi’s jeans. We will be looking at these features:

  • Price
  • Stitching
  • Materials
  • Size and fit
  • Build quality
  • Design and style


I got a pair of 7 for all Mankind jeans for 50% off, which was initially priced at $215. They are definitely on the higher end and you may need to save up before you get them.

Levis seems to place their pricing based on their location. The pair of Levi’s I got go for $59.50 if you are in North America or £75 if you are in the United Kingdom.


7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

Interlocking stitching was employed as an embroidering for 7 For All Mankind jeans. They are super strong and durable.

 For Levi’s jeans, I love the beautiful and detailed arcuate stitching. This is the most recognized Levi’s pattern of stitching, which has proved durable and adorning.


7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

While the 7 For All Mankind jeans felt a little bit stretchy because of their 81% cotton and 19% stretch materials, the Levi’s felt sturdy due to the 100% cotton used in their construction.

7 For All Mankind had this forgiving feel. The jeans felt like sportswear, making it feel as if they were like joggers.

The stretchiness is on another level; it had this 4-way stretch (being able to stretch the jeans from every side).

When I put on these jeans, they felt super comfortable, like I could crawl in them, go for errands, or even run a marathon in them.

That’s how comfortable and forgiving they are.

When I tried on a pair of Levis non-stretch jeans, they felt sturdy and unforgiving. It kind of restricted my movement, and this is expected in cotton jeans. It took some time for consistent wearing and washing to break in.

I was able to bend down to sit and carry out so many activities without any discomfort.

However, when they started feeling too loose, I washed them, and there lay the magic (cold water wash and tumble dryer on low heat). They shrunk and fit perfectly, albeit a little snugly.

Size and Fit

I had to size down when purchasing the 7 For All Mankind jeans because of their stretch.

When I finally got the slim jeans on, they felt kind of huggy on my legs, and when I did the jeans squat, I realized they didn’t need any more time to break in because they were already flexible. It sat nicely on my waist and had this nice group on my waist.

Being someone who loves nice and cool jeans, the 7 for all mankind felt too detailed. Although it was a slim cut, it felt skinny.

It gave me this huggy fit around my butt, making me feel like I had sexy-ass jeans on. In my opinion, it is more of a lady’s jeans because I don’t know of any guy who would love to have their body contour that pronounced.

The fit of Levi’s jeans is immaculate. The 501 is the classic of all classics when it comes to Levi’s denim.

The pants sat just above my head with a medium rise, a straight leg, and a regular thigh gap opening. I didn’t have to size down on these jeans because they were true to size.

The jeans took about 3–9 washes to completely break in, and once they did, they had this super soft feel to them. I would compare a broken-in pair of Levi’s 501’s to sweatpants.

They feel so soft that they have the sweetest feeling on your body. Unlike the 7 for all mankind jeans, they fit my butt without giving it so much detailing, which is perfect just the way I like it.

 Build Quality

7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

7 For All Mankind has the best stretch I have ever felt in any jeans so far. This stretchiness is achieved with a composition of 81% cotton, 17% polyester, and 2% spandex. Its build quality makes it more of an active style.

The material composition was designed to reduce wear and tear in all friction areas of the jeans. The stretch gives it enough strength to reduce bagging and keep its shape in high mobility situations.

They have a zipper fly and a rivet in all the front pockets, which serves as an embellishment as much as it serves the purpose of durability.

The Levi’s jeans were finished with a bottom fly. The bottom and rivets used at the stress points are made of a copper-colored alloy. Although I couldn’t get much information on their website about how to tell what metal it was.

However, the original rivets were made of copper, and we doubt that is the case today. Copper has a chemical reaction with water, and this can have a discoloring effect on the jeans.

With the even finishes available in the 501 styles, it is easy to see how there is a difference in fabrication that is being used and how, in recent years, the 501 is all about focusing on fit rather than staying true to the original model.

The jeans I chose are made of 100% cotton, which is machine washable. They are built in such a way that washing them will help prolong their lifespan. Each wash breaks down its fibers and also increases the fading of the jeans.

Design and Style

7 for all mankind Vs Levi's

The 7 For All Mankind has a pretty cool contemporary design that accommodates those who are lovers of the latest fashion trends. The piece I purchased, it’s done in white-colored threads, giving it this nice and attractive detail.

A prominent stitch representing the brand was tailored on the two back pockets. The design of these jeans is super versatile and can be paired with so many shirts.

The design of these jeans may not be appealing to those who prefer classic styles, but those who love active styles will find these jeans so flattering.

I love Levi’s jeans because they are a classic mid-blue color with tan stitching. It is kind of quintessential jeans. It has the red Levi’s tag on the left-hand side of the back pocket.

There are two back pockets, with one on the hip. The back pocket also has a smaller pocket right below the waistband, which was designed for the back to carry a man’s pocket watch while he was at work. 

On the waistband, there is a leather-looking patch just above the right pocket, which has a vintage style and a light tan base color. The company logo appears here in red.

The design and style of the 501 may not work for those who care about the latest fashion trends, as the overall style of these Levi’s jeans hasn’t changed much over the years. It can be seen as a deal breaker because they are made to be timeless and not fade.

Final Verdict

Besides being Levi’s fanatic, I am also one who seeks to try out other brands and get the ones able to translate my fashion taste.

I wouldn’t just make a judgment based on my love for Levi’s and that is why I deemed it best to purchase from both brands and do a comparison. What stood out for me in the 7 for all Mankind Jean was its comfort and softness. It didn’t need any more time to break in.

In my test for quality, style, fit, pricing, and materials, Levi’s stayed true to these qualities, and this is super flattering.

Finding a pair of jeans that translate your desired fashion statement not only in appearance but also in quality and every other feature you might look for in a pair of jeans can be difficult.   


You will agree with me that finding a pair of jeans that suit your preferences is somewhat tedious.

If you’ve been wondering whether a pair of 7 for all mankind or Levi’s jeans suit your preference, then I sure have lessened your worries.

The comparison above is from my first-hand experience, walking you through the distinctive features of both brands.

With knowledge of these features, you will not have to undergo the stress of returning them due to lapses you realized after purchase.


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