7 for All Mankind vs Hudson Jeans: Battle for the Best!

In selecting the best jeans brand out there, it placed many folks in a situation they don’t understand. 7 for all mankind jeans and Hudson jeans are very popular jeans with a reputation for quality denim jeans.

You may discover that choosing a brand would require some forehand knowledge of them before making a choice.

This article is going to compare them side by side with their best qualities so that you can make this choice of jeans easy for you. Also, you are well aware of the type of jean brand you are investing in.

Differences Between 7 for All Mankind and Hudson Jeans

The major difference between 7 for all mankind jeans and Hudson jeans is the appearance of each jean. 7 for mankind jeans have obvious distress or used look, while Hudson jeans are not distressed as much.

Both brands have indigenous trademarks that set them apart. 7 for all mankind has signature designs inscribed on the back pockets of their jeans.

Once made a collection with pockets embroidered with real Swarovski crystals which were trendy in early 2000.

Hudson jeans have trademark triangular back pockets with an additional logo of the union jack. This separates each brand of jeans, leading customers to tell them apart.

Another difference is in the overall purpose of each jean brand. 7. For all mankind jeans are work jeans that include style in every piece. Hudson jeans are more casually themed and suit well as casual lightweight jeans.

7 for all mankind denim finds traces its heritage back to Italy, adding the Italian touch to every designed piece.

As for Hudson jeans, a major proportion of their denim comes from Mexico. Both 7 for all mankind and Hudson jeans are very distinct, so you will have no problem telling them apart.

Also, both brands are based out of California and have various collections of jeans available. These include straight, slim, stretch, flare, cropped and so many other fits you can style from.

There are various designs and colors to select from both brands, so they do not leave you out of your preference.

Someone can easily style them with an assortment of other garments such as tops, jackets sweaters, etc.

7 For All Mankind Jeans Review

7 for All Mankind vs Hudson Jeans

7 for all mankind is a premium denim manufacturer that has its origin in Europe in the 19060s.

The brand is also involved in producing seasonal menswear and womenswear collections, covering a wide range of sizes and silhouettes.

Being a leader in denim production, they know the LA brand for affordable premium denim jeans which are of high quality, superior fit, treatment, and handcrafted details.

The founders Michael Glaser, Peter Koral, and Jerome Dahan created this iconic brand of jeans in the fall of 2000. They sought to fill up a void in the jean market, creating denim jeans that merged luxury with casual.

This combination of luxury wear and a casual, simple, and laid-back look rocketed the brand to greater heights creating a monumental space in the denim jean industry.

The founders understood that the accurate definition of a luxury garment lies in fabric innovation, premium fit, and keen attention to detail.

By applying this denim fabric, they transformed regular denim jeans used as work wear garments into a unique piece of garment folks couldn’t get enough of. 7 for all mankind ushered in a new era of modern fashion.

Glasser, Koral, and Dahan invented a new way denim jeans are worn, changing the common landscape and establishing jeans that can fit into any situation.

They achieved this by using premium fabrics, polished silhouettes, and intricate stitching to make their brand stand out in the jean market.

In 2002, 7 for all mankind, created the men’s denim, followed closely by the children’s collection in 2005.

They became a fast-paced leader and earned the nickname ‘sevens’. Many fashion celebrities and Hollywood elites started associating with the brand, putting them out there as brands to be loved.

Their back pocket ‘squiggle’ became a signature to be recognized in the coming years.

Today you can find 7 for all mankind in over 100 retail locations across four continents with an online presence sold in 18 regions worldwide. Innovation is a key mantra leading the 7 for all mankind team and strategy.

From creating a unique luxe performance stretch jeans to the ultralight Blair, these jeans’ designs and styling have had them ahead in the jean industry.

It has successfully followed the pledge to make 80 percent of its product using sustainable processes.

With two of their leading designs selling as sustainable clothing, and a promise to introduce newer versions every season.

This proves an advantage for its vast consumers, assuring it safely produced its precious jean selection.


  • Unique stitching and branding.
  • Recognized pattern.
  • Over 100 stores globally.
  • Much sustainable product line.


  • High price

Hudson Jeans Review

7 for All Mankind vs Hudson Jeans

The Hudson brand is a worldwide seller and designer of denim clothing. Hudson brand’s primary products include a standard denim line, non-denim tops, and bottoms. Hudson sold both the standard denim and a high-range collection.

With a well-respected background, Hudson continually breaks boundaries in their product design, creating modern styles, washes, cuts fabrics, and colors all made out to be a quality fit.

We can get this product from Hudson from their stores which have a presence in over 30 countries in the world. Hudson jeans operate selective boutiques and stores for marketing their products.

Hudson jeans are a US-based manufacturer founded in 2002, by Peter Kim and based in Los Angeles. Ben Tavermiti stands as the company’s creative designer.

Hudson jeans have a line of denim designer jeans with a trademark of triangular back pockets and a logo of the union jack. Many celebrities received them such as Cara Delevingne and Britney Spears.

Fireman Capital gained a majority stake in Hudson jeans in 2009, for almost 100 million dollars. Peter Kim still keeps the title of CEO and is also a member of the director’s board of the company.

The company has partnered with so many models including Georgia May Jagger and others.


  • High-quality denim line with well-known soft denim.
  • Multiple styles, cuts, and washes to choose from
  • Collection for both men, women, and unisex denim jeans and kid jeans.
  • They made a few styles from sustainable materials
  • Instrumental payments through Klarna.
  • Free shipping for purchases above $150
  • A 30-day return policy.


  • Lack of international shipping.
  • Expensive prices
  • Lacks maternity jeans.

Head-to-head Comparison Of 7 For All Mankind Jeans And Hudson Jeans

The qualities of each jean brand tell a lot about that brand. It also gives you an insight into which brand is best for you.

This section entails a side-by-side comparison of 7 for all mankind jeans and Hudson jeans, placing qualities against each other in a bid for the understanding of each product


They made denim from cotton and they make both jeans using premium cotton, minor variation exists for stretchy jeans.

7 for all mankind jeans are made using carefully examined raw cotton for the fabric of its denim, with the metals, making up the complete piece sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

By 2023, the brand intends to ensure that 80 percent of products have sustainable properties.

These choices don’t affect any of its best qualities, rather enhance the quality and fit you are familiar with from 7 for all mankind jeans.

Hudson jeans are high-quality denim made from raw cotton. Treatment is done on some denim fabric to achieve the desired style or design.

The high price of each jean brand is a testament to the quality denim used in production.


7 for all mankind jeans and Hudson jeans are both expensive brands. The cost ranges from 60 to 200 plus dollars.

Of the two brands, 7 for all mankind has a more expensive jean collection than Hudson jeans.

7 for all mankind jeans sell jeans that cost over 200 dollars a pair, while Hudson jeans do not go past the 200-dollar threshold.

With this in mind, you can find a pair of jeans that is comfortable for your budget. One great way to save costs Is buying them when on sale.

Style and Design

The best way to wear jeans in confidence is to stick with a style and design that fits your body shape and silhouette.

7 For all mankind jeans have various styles and designs to fit almost all body types, with many names describing each style and design.

These styles include Ronnie and Paxtyn, slimy, tapered, Adrien, the straight, standard, cooper j, chino & cargo, jogger, and extra long.

Each of these styles has a different fit within them so your choices are well thought of by 7 for all mankind designers. The design is comfortable and very free.

For Hudson jeans, you get a style that covers enough range for your desired pair of jeans. They have a high rise, mid-rise, and low rise all having unique properties.

Designs also vary with Hudson jeans, namely rigid, comfort stretch, and super stretch which shows how a selected pair of jeans should be used.

Style and design are everything so always ensure you understand the parameters in every design style.

Build Quality

Both 7 for all mankind and Hudson jeans have an outstanding production process. Their denim is sourced from the finest cotton and the material used in combination is processed safely.

With sustainability practices embarked on by both brands, It shows each commitment to saving the environment.

7 for all mankind is dedicated to this way of thinking, creating a sustainability goal by 2023, compromising on many processes such as organic, recycled cotton initiative, recycled polyester, and elastane among others.

Hudson jeans are manufactured in the same way, with the sustainable process the order of the day.


7 for all mankind jeans solved a problem. Many folks in earlier times saw denim jeans as clothing apparel you can get dirty in and only meant for working in.

What 7 for all mankind did was a venture into producing an innovative jeans style that combined the working nature of a jean and casual features.

By doing this, they made a perfect pair of jeans that can be used for work and also gives you a relaxed look.

What they did was ensure you don’t feel left out when working or wearing your denim jean. Hudson however, designed their jean to have a trendy, modern, and yet classic feel to them.

They are perfect for getaways, hanging out, dates, etc. ensuring you slay on every occasion.


The quality of a good brand is how durable its product is. 7 for all mankind jeans and Hudson jeans are durable wears.

Many users have positively reviewed them as long-lasting, and they don’t shrink or lose shape after multiple washes. Both jeans brands use high-quality denim in fabricating every pair of jeans.

Final Verdict

This is not the end but we must conclude our take on this exquisite jeans brand. After comparing both jeans my verdict goes with the 7 for mankind jeans.

This is because 7 for All mankind manufactures Jeans that suit my lifestyle, which is actively working while looking good.

Whatever your choice may be on these two brands, it’s very important to note that there is no wrong choice.

Every brand offers its policies, goals, and styles so you must choose those with values similar to yours. Check out their physical stores and also shop online at your leisure. Cheers.


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