2XU vs Lululemon Leggings: Which Is Better?

The world is fast becoming advanced and many business sectors are moving on with the tide of things as manufacturers always seek ways to become better.

Sportswear producers are not left out, they strive to be on top of their game as well. Plus, the influx of people with certain special needs into sports too, has saddled these manufacturers with the responsibility of making gym kits that can carry everybody along.

In light of this, people have always tried to compare Lululemon Vs 2xU (pronounced as “two times you”).

Can we say, for the fact that this comparison has continued for a long time is proof that both brands are doing well in their respective specialties?

Major Difference Between 2xU Vs Lululemon

The major difference between them is that Lululemon uses Lycra, Nylon, and a fraction of polyesters for the design of most of its products. Lululemon is big on sweat-wicking materials for odor control.

2xU on the other hand adopts high filament Nylon, and elastane yarns and uses PWX flex technology majorly for its designs. 2xU is big on polygene for odor control.

Nonetheless, these brands both use compression technology to better users’ experiences to bring about the desired effect.

Nonetheless, 2xu is more compression-focused than Lululemon leggings. The latter part of this article promises to throw more light on other differences between these sportswear brands.

Comparison Between Lululemon And 2xU?

The reason for this comparison is that both brands are into sports clothing like fitness pants, leggings, jackets, and general fitness wear. Our aim is to tell these two brands apart with every possible detail they exude.

We do not intend to suggest to users what brand to use. We only want to bring to light how each operates.

If this is achieved, users can rightly make their choices as it should meet their needs However, we are narrowing it down to dress-down sportswear as this is the area where most people do not get it right.

The effect of working out becomes more effective when it is done well enough. And, knowing that people only work out well when they use the right apparel that spurs certain incentives, makes us want to tell how different 2xU is from Lululemon.

This is so that people better understand and rightly make their choices.

Features Lululemon 2XU
First Glance Nice designs. 18 different colors of leggings. Flattering styles. Cool to behold. Attractive. Considered leggings for fashion freaks.
Construction Nice body mapping. Built-in liners. 360° reflectivity. State-of-the-art pattern. Good engineering.
Quality Good recovery quality. Shape retention. Long-lasting. Durable. Varying qualities for each model. PWX technology makes it great.
Size And Fit True to size. Fitting depends on models and styles. True to size. A few iterations run large. Comes in either a high compressive fit, a moderate compressive fit, or a low compressive fit.
Comfort Level Sensational and skin-friendly. Good breathability, stretchability, and air-wicking. Excellent comfort. No skeletal vibration or restrictions of movement during use. Feels good on the skin.
Price Sells for $80 to $130. Although there are other types that are way above and below the said price range. Sell majorly between $80 to $110.

First Glance

The outer appearance of sportswear remains a great salesman. This is because it raises the propensity of turning a potential buyer into an actual one. Aside from quality, aesthetically appealing sports apparel is a delight to use.

Especially for people who are wired to think of how they look before considering how comfortable or better their apparel is.


2XU Vs Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon leggings have sleek designs and colors. Specifically, the leggings come in 18 different colors and flattering styles that give them the iconic look.

When it comes to workout pants, Lululemon is the holy grail. Although you may have to look it up on their official website as some of the styles have been removed and new ones added.


2XU Vs Lululemon Leggings

2XU leggings are fine as well. They’re cool to behold and come in many attractive iterations and models.

The brand ensures that there are enough styles and options to choose from. They are one of the most used leggings by most athletes that are fashion freaks.

With the designs the brand has been making, they’d give any brand a run for their money in a sports fashion festival – if there is one, that is.


A nice material, if not well constructed to morph into sportswear, will always turn into a colossal failure.

Good construction is one of the delicate parts of garment production as this is the stage where the laying and cutting, marking and stitching, checking and finishing of the material are done.

This is also the stage where intelligent decisions are made on how ideally materials should be blended, and the appropriate blending proportion to yield better results.

The construction of 2XU products goes through a series of testing and research. The brand employs state-of-the-art patterns to ensure that all of its garments have good engineering for the sustenance of sports demands.

The compression of the material is first tested using the Salzman pressure measurement device.

They are constructed to fit different body types through the use of a 3D scanner, the sizing and fitting data that are obtained from this result becomes the basis upon which 2XU products are constructed.

Lululemon leggings have an all-around construction. How? Firstly, these pants are constructed with body mapping techniques where in an effort to meet the need for air circulation, specific fabrics in some high wetting probability areas, are strategically placed.

Lululemon uses built-in liners for this too. Plus, the brand has a 360° reflectivity construction where the reflective details of these clothes become discreet during the daytime and bright at night.

There are also gussets that are sewn between pants, they are tight-fitting so just so the pants don’t ride up during use. With all of these mentioned, it is safe to say that Lululemon is truly a balanced construction.


Collective factors determine product quality. From material to construction, and level of comfort. However, quality is mostly judged by how durable a product is – how resistant it is to wear out when subjected to tough conditions.

Firstly, know that the Lycra material used in Lululemon has great elastic and recovery quality, it has an excellent shape retention motion range and wrinkle resistance. This is why it seldom squeezes.

Secondly, the polyester used is known for better resilience and breathability than natural fibers.

All of these are the collective reasons that define the quality of Lululemon such that its products are long-lasting and safe to use.

2XU makes quality designs, especially for pants and leggings, however, the quality varies from product to product.

For example, leggings made for high-intensity exercises have different qualities from those made for jogging.

Also know that the filament Nylon used for 2XU is a laboratory synthesized fiber that is durable and lightweight, thus, adding value to the clothes and making them long-lasting.

The PWX flex technology used gives these leggings and pants muscle stabilization quality as well.

Comfort Level

The comfort that sports clothing offers remain one of the important aspects that designers pay attention to. This is because it affects the performance of the user.

Comfort level is so important that it if not properly attended to, can defeat the purpose of working out. This brings this question: how comfortable are Lululemon and 2XU?

The Lululemon brand always strives to keep up with the comfort game. Recently, its team of quality control managers has decided to infuse luxtreme fabric into its designs.

Users have acknowledged the comfort increase truly. Aside from that, this material is also flattering and functional. Plus, reviews have it that the pants made this way are incredibly sensational and skin-friendly.

All thanks to the good air-wicking quality and breathability; all of these have collectively contributed to making them comfortable in no small way.

The comfort of 2xu stems from the fact that its leggings, shorts, and pants are mainly designed to be big on compression. Compression boosts body oxygen levels and increases blood flow within the body.

This quality also slashes down skeletal vibration, especially when you run. The fact that this reduces strain too tells you how comfortable you get to feel during your workout sessions.

And to add, the use of elastane yarns in its products makes them stretchy to not cause movement restriction, hence easy to use.

Size And Fit

To understand Lululemon fittings, you must understand that there are different fabric types used for its different models. Each has a different extent of stretch and compression. The fabric type used dictates whether or not you can size up or down.

There is the Nulu fabric, it comes with a second-skin fit, usually with a butterfly finish. Although it is lightweight, it is not very compressive. Its ideal place of use is either for casual wear or yoga. We the brand advise that you size down or remain true to size.

The Nulux contours to the body and feels silky. It’s a soft fabric with a moderate compressive fit. The brand recommends sizing up or staying trust to size.

The Luxtreme fits well just like a second skin. It’s a high-performance fabric. It has a high compressive fit, as such, you must stay true to size.

The Luon has a comfortable fit, it is a four-way stretch, soft and breathable. The material is for light workout activities and yoga. Although it comes with a body-hugging feel, more of a moderate compression. Staying true to size is recommended here.

The 2xu bottom is true to size. But also pay attention as some models have been found running large. But then, it is safe to order one’s actual size and very well expect a perfect, or, at least, decent fit.

The different fittings of 2xu are majorly of three main types; high compressive fit that clings very tightly to the body, moderate compressive fit that is not very tight, and low compressive fit which is a bit relaxed. Although the length varies.

Each fit has different lengths that should meet different customers’ requirements.


Lululemon has a very large variety of sportswear. Even narrowing it down to dress-down sportswear, it still has a large variety of them. And their prices range from $80 to $130.

This brand’s products are really expensive because of the cost of production which requires expensive development techniques of fabric and the machines it takes to make them. Low price Lululemon goes between $25 to $35.

Global product’s quality president once mentioned that Lululemon runs more than 14 tests before they proceed with production as every fabric goes through tests and corrections made. These all contributed to Lululemon’s high price.

2xu leggings are also pricey, albeit not as much as Lululemon. Averagely, it sells from the range of $80 to $110. Other products are way higher though. But most of the dress-down wears fall within the aforementioned price range.

Some low price 2xu are sold within the range of $20 to $30. While we can agree that 2xu is way more expensive than many on-the-counter pants, we would also admit that they are worthy investments.

Final Verdict

As mentioned earlier, our aim is to see gym freaks and fitness lovers get the best of their workout time. They should achieve this through the use of the ideal wear that would better suffice for each person according to their uniqueness and need.

That said, here is what has played out so far:

  • Lululemon is pricier than 2xu
  • The construction of both shows that Lululemon has a better construction
  • It is a tie between aesthetics and comfort
  • The products of the two brands have great aesthetics
  • The quality of 2xu varies from product to product, that of Lululemon is great for all and almost versatile.

Having seen this, conclusively, it is safe to say that Lululemon is the better pick even though 2xu is a quality brand too. This is only on the basis of the side-by-side comparison of both.


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